Review: TMC GroBeam 1500 Ultima ND

As LED aquarium lighting continues to evolve rapidly, let’s take a look at how this technology can benefit our reef tanks beyond the illumination of corals and fishes in our main display tank. As well as providing such lighting, LED units can also be extremely useful for fuelling algae filters in sumps, indeed we’ve shown this before with our review of the Arcadia EcoAqua 30watt spotlight. With many hobbyists now switching to LED for this purpose, in this review we look at another unit that can be adapted from its primary use as a freshwater planted tank light, and put to good use in a marine setting. Continue reading

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Amblard Expert Invited To MACNA

Digital-Reefs sponsor and leading European importer Amblard S.A have just announced that their employee and renowned marine biologist Dr Vincent Chalias has been invited to participate at MACNA 2014 (Marine Aquarium Conference of North America) which will be taking place in Denver, Colorado from the 29th to the 31st of August 2014 .

At the conference Vincent will present Amblards ongoing and upcoming work, research and projects in the area of coral cultivation. He will also explain their contribution to the discovery of a new species of frog fish (Histiophryne pogonius) and present new Euphyllia species thus illustrating the quality of our Amblards work in the domain of reef aquatics.

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Review: Vertex V6 Return Pump

Although a key component in a variety of reef system designs, the return pump is one of those pieces of equipment that often doesn’t seem to get the attention it deserves. For many, as long as their pump is obviously running, it’s not something that is given special thought. However, when we consider that flow can ‘make or break’ a reef system biologically, and that a return pump is often one of the most costly items overall to run on a reef tank, we begin to understand that it is worth paying close attention to your choice of pump. For this review, we’ll be taking a look at the recently released Vertex V6 return pump. Continue reading

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Video: Close-Up Time For Captive Bred Pygmy Seahorses

As the newest (and unquestionably cutest) arrivals to the vast collection of marine life at San Fransisco’s Steinhart Aquarium, the baby Pygmy Seahorses Hippocampus bargibanti shown in this video are the progeny of a breeding pair that were collected in the Philippines in May of this year. Overseen by Steinhart Biologists Matt Wandell and Richard Ross, the babies have now moved on from their specially designed Kreisel system, and have settled on and adapted the colouration of their host Muricella genus Gorgonians. What a fantastic achievement!

More detail at Advanced Aquarist

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Grumpy Seahorses Growl When Goaded

Although they usually exude peacefulness and elegance, research recently published in the Journal of Zoology has revealed that Seahorses possess a distinctly more assertive side to their character, and can even emit a deep and angry ‘growl’ in certain situations.

Examining the acoustic behaviour of Hippocampus reidi (Long-snouted seahorses), the researchers used a specially sound-proofed aquarium, equipped with a hydrophone and video camera, to document the clicking sounds that the seahorses make during reproductive behaviour and when feeding. Continue reading

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Digital-Reefs: Summer 2014 Update

OK so it’s time for a quick update on what’s going to be coming up on Digital-Reefs in the next few weeks as we head through Summer and into Autumn. Firstly we must apologise for a slight pause in posting recently…. rest assured that we haven’t been sitting around idly ‘twiddling our thumbs’ during this period. Actually, we’ve been hard at work negotiating a plethora of new product reviews, the first of which we should have up for you very soon! Continue reading

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