Review: NYOS® Organic Fish Food

Whether or not your fish are common or rare, affordable or expensive, we are sure you’ll agree that they all deserve the best care to ensure their health, growth and longevity in captivity, and a key ingredient in providing for this is of course, effective nutrition. Beyond filling your fishes bellies, the kind of food you choose can also have important ramifications on the wider health of your reef system. We were therefore interested to try samples of Nyos‘ organic soft ‘superfoods‘ which, beyond the intriguing main ingredient selection, seem to be really interesting products. So let’s take a closer look. Continue reading Review: NYOS® Organic Fish Food

Red Seadragon Is Spectacular New Species

A paper in the Royal Society Open Science has announced the discovery of a new species of seadragon. The Ruby Seadragon (Phyllopteryx dewysea) is named for its incredible bright-red coloring and was first noticed after a male was caught during a biodiversity trawling survey  in 2007. At first, scientists thought it was a weedy seadragon, but DNA analysis revealed it to be a completely new species. Continue reading Red Seadragon Is Spectacular New Species

New Sponsor: Elos

It gives us great pleasure to welcome a new sponsor to the site! With an uncompromising, quality-oriented approach, ELOS is a leading global manufacturer in the aquarium sector whose products offer unsurpassed quality, reliability and lasting value. Established for over 15 years, the company’s innovative solutions set the standard across a broad range of products including fish foods, water analysis, LED lighting, aquarium systems, protein skimmers, aquarium control systems and additives. With their products widely available, and on show in their AquaStudio at Charterhouse Aquatics in London, we’ll be getting involved and reviewing some of their offerings in the coming weeks.

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EcoTech VorTech ‘QuietDrive’ Pumps Announced

Rumour and speculation have been rife over the last couple of weeks but now the embargo has finally been  lifted, we can stop ‘keeping it quiet’ as it were, and bring you official details on the latest product development from our sponsor Ecotech Marine! We’ve studied the offical 16 page release at length so here are the key points. Continue reading EcoTech VorTech ‘QuietDrive’ Pumps Announced