Review: Eheim Jager Heaterstat

Mid-summer is a bit of a strange time to be talking about heaters but in this review we’ll be doing just that by taking a look at one of the diverse range of units currently on the market. Setting up our second test system has provided an ideal opportunity to run a test and for this we’ve chosen a unit from the highly renowned Eheim ‘Jager’ range.

Provided by Swell UK, Eheim Jager have an excellent reputation and this was an important factor in our choosing of this unit. To be honest we’ve used many heaters over the years and some have been better than others. Overall we’ve certainly found it is worth sticking to well-known brands as the quality and reliability of ‘cheapo’ units is often poor, in many cases providing false economy. Continue reading Review: Eheim Jager Heaterstat

New Insights In Stomatopod Weaponry

Although we original reported on this fascinating research back in 2012 a new paper by University of California, Riverside and Purdue University engineers now sheds more light on the specific mechanisms involved in the deadly strike of the Mantis shrimp.

Already known to rely on a chitin-like material arranged in a helicoidal pattern for maximum durability, Researchers have now identified ‘brand gaps’ within the structure that effectively cancel out ‘shear waves’ which often penetrate Continue reading New Insights In Stomatopod Weaponry

SAIA Campaign Warns Against Overfishing Of Regal Tang

Our friends at the SAIA have just supplied us with the following release which reads:

The Sustainable Aquarium Industry Association (SAIA) has launched an extensive campaign to protect the palette surgeonfish on the occasion of the release of Disney’s animated feature film Finding Dory on June 17th, 2016. Finding Dory features this species as the main character, and the Disney Corporation wants to build on its 2003 success with Finding Nemo, and even surpass it. SAIA warns, however: Should aquarists’ demand for the palette surgeonfish rise similarly to that for clownfish in 2003, local populations are threatened by overfishing. Continue reading SAIA Campaign Warns Against Overfishing Of Regal Tang