Unboxed: Sicce X Stream E Compact Wave Pump

With a global reputation for quality, Sicce products represent the culmination of over 40 years’ experience in the industry. Based on innovative research and advanced technology, their pumps are highly regarded, being incorporated into many systems, either in stand-alone application, or as parts of other devices. In this unboxing review, we take a look at the latest offering from their aquarium division, the X Stream E compact wave pump. Continue reading Unboxed: Sicce X Stream E Compact Wave Pump

Review: Real Reef Rock (Generation 4)

When it comes to aquascaping, we’ve used quite a few different solutions over the years and our experiences, both in terms of handling the product and the end results, have been pretty variable. In this review we’ll be taking a look at a particular product that has been available for a little while now (indeed we first spotted it at Aqua2013) but which so far, we hadn’t had the opportunity to evaluate directly. Setting-up our new Red Sea Reefer 170 gave us the perfect chance to try out a batch of the latest ‘4th generation’ version of Real Reef Rock. Continue reading Review: Real Reef Rock (Generation 4)

Video: A Timelapse Encounter… With LPS Corals

OK, so it’s been a little quieter than usual on the blog over the last few weeks, and we can now reveal why. In short, we’ve been busy behind the scenes creating this short video which we hope will be the first in a series of similar productions. In this introductory piece, we get ‘up close and personal’ with a range of LPS corals currently residing in our Black Tank, employing some timelapse macro and pure fluorescence imagery to ‘shed light’ on some of their otherwise hidden habits. Don’t forget to select full 1080HD resolution to see the fine detail! Continue reading Video: A Timelapse Encounter… With LPS Corals

Without Fish, Sponges Smother Caribbean Corals

Credit: Joseph Pawlik, UNCW
Credit: Joseph Pawlik, UNCW

As if corals didn’t have enough to contend with in nuisance seaweeds, another aggressive neighbour is moving in. Like seaweeds, sponges use an arsenal of toxins, mucus, shading, and smothering to kill nearby coral colonies and then, to add insult to injury, go ahead and grow on their skeletons. Furthermore, a recent survey of coral reefs across the Caribbean has shown that overfishing removes the predators of sponges, greatly increasing the threat to an already weakened population of corals. Continue reading Without Fish, Sponges Smother Caribbean Corals

Review: Elos OsmoController Digital

Dealing with evaporation from a reef tank can be a real chore if you haven’t got a robust system in place and there’s also a pretty high element of risk involved if your chosen system isn’t up to scratch. For a start, it could fail to keep-up with demand (in which case a low water level could expose equipment and lead to a system failure), or at the other end of the scale, overfilling could make your tank literally ‘runneth-over’ (causing untold damage and recrimination). In either case your Salinity is also going to be ‘all over the place’ too, stressing livestock, possibly to death…. in short this is one area where cutting-costs can come back and ‘bite you on the bum’! Continue reading Review: Elos OsmoController Digital