Review: Maxspect Gyre 200 Series Advanced Controller

When the original gyre hit the market back in late 2014 we were among the first to review one running in a ‘real world’ reef setting. Now, nearly 2 years down the line, we are happy to report that we’ve kept our unit as a permanent fixture and to be fair it hasn’t missed a beat (even with perhaps less than ideal cleaning frequency on our part). We were pretty excited therefore when we learned that an updated controller was due to be launched, and duly registered our enthusiasm to test out a prototype unit. This controller is also capable of running two gyre units, something previously only attainable with a programmed third party device.

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Red Sea launches the MAX® NANO

The all new MAX® NANO features the very latest in reef-keeping technology including AI’s Prime HD LED lighting with integrated Wi-Fi control, REEF-SPEC® filtration and circulation systems, an Automatic Top-Off unit and an easy access power center. NANO in name only, this 45cm/20” rimless, ultra-clear glass cube has all of the advanced REEF-SPEC® features that are the hallmark of the MAX® range of complete reef systems.  Continue reading Red Sea launches the MAX® NANO

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