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(please note: in certain instances manufacturers may provide goods free of charge to us for testing purposes. Even if this is the case, we will always give an honest assessment of the product in question).

Review: Caribsea Life Rock ‘Shapes’

The days of having to choose between either unrealistic bone white dry rock, dirty dead reef rock or potentially pest-laden oceanic live rock are well and truly over with a number of manufacturers now offering realistic artificial reef rock. In this review, we take a look at the latest product in Caribsea’s already tried and tested life rock range… life rock ‘shapes’.

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Review: Simply Aquaria Dual Temperature Controller & Schego Titanium Heater

Although combined heater/thermostat units have in the past been key in enabling hobbyists to maintain tropical species in captivity, when it comes to modern reef aquaria, even modern units are sadly not sophisticated enough to guarantee the safety of expensive and delicate livestock. Beyond general inaccuracy, these units are often incapable of maintaining the consistent narrow margins required by sensitive marine organisms on their own. On rare occasions their failure can even have catastrophic consequences for your livestock.

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Review: Maxspect Gyre 200 Series Advanced Controller

When the original gyre hit the market back in late 2014 we were among the first to review one running in a ‘real world’ reef setting. Now, nearly 2 years down the line, we are happy to report that we’ve kept our unit as a permanent fixture and to be fair it hasn’t missed a beat (even with perhaps less than ideal cleaning frequency on our part). We were pretty excited therefore when we learned that an updated controller was due to be launched, and duly registered our enthusiasm to test out a prototype unit. This controller is also capable of running two gyre units, something previously only attainable with a programmed third party device.

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Review: Koralia 3G

As specialists in the design and production of aquarium equipment since 1984, Hydor have already brought us some really useful reef aquarium kit. Their Koralia range of stream pumps is perhaps the first to spring to mind, and we were therefore most interested when they announced the launch of a ‘third generation’ range earlier this year. In this ‘hands on’ review we take a closer look at this updated model. Continue reading Review: Koralia 3G

Review: Sicce Whale External Canister Filter

sicce-whale-4Launched earlier this year, Sicce’s Whale RANGE external canister filter is something that we perhaps initially didn’t give the attention it deserves as, to be honest, we rarely see modern reef tanks equipped with such devices. On second thoughts though, given the fact that this technology does have applications that extend beyond the typical reef aquarium, we are happy to review this item on the invitation of Sicce. Continue reading Review: Sicce Whale External Canister Filter

Review: Sicce X Stream E Compact Wave Pump

If you’ve been following the blog you may have noticed our recent unboxing review of Sicce’s new X Stream wave pump. In that piece, we examined the theoretical performance of the unit, it’s key features, and even went as far as to make some initial assessments. Having now had the unit running in a test system for several weeks we’ve been closely monitoring it, getting to know the units unique operational characteristics. In this piece we bring you the results of that study in the form of our operational assessment. Continue reading Review: Sicce X Stream E Compact Wave Pump

Review: Red Sea REEFER 170 rimless braceless aquarium system

If you’ve been following the blog you may know that in January we were lucky enough to obtain the very first of Red Sea’s REEFER range in the form of a white 170 model. Now we have had the tank running as our second test system for several weeks, we are pleased to bring you our detailed operational assessment of the system. Continue reading Review: Red Sea REEFER 170 rimless braceless aquarium system

Review: Eheim Jager Heaterstat

Mid-summer is a bit of a strange time to be talking about heaters but in this review we’ll be doing just that by taking a look at one of the diverse range of units currently on the market. Setting up our second test system has provided an ideal opportunity to run a test and for this we’ve chosen a unit from the highly renowned Eheim ‘Jager’ range.

Provided by Swell UK, Eheim Jager have an excellent reputation and this was an important factor in our choosing of this unit. To be honest we’ve used many heaters over the years and some have been better than others. Overall we’ve certainly found it is worth sticking to well-known brands as the quality and reliability of ‘cheapo’ units is often poor, in many cases providing false economy. Continue reading Review: Eheim Jager Heaterstat