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this category is dedicated to news and announcements relating to organisations that support digital-reefs – for example notification of new sponsorship deals.

New Sponsor: Philips CoralCare

We are pleased to welcome the Philips CoralCare team as an official sponsor of!

As an introduction to the CoralCare fixture, Philips’ main developer, Luc Vogels, designed this light specifically for modern reef aquariums. Extensive research and pre-testing was undertaken before the fixture was launched last year (these test reports, videos and reviews are available on the Philips website). In short, Philips CoralCare gives your reef a natural appearance and helps your corals maintain both healthy grow rates and good colouration. The fixture is passively cooled, easy to install and control, has a low energy consumption and a wide spectral range.

Check the website to read all about it:

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New Sponsor: KoralSea


We are pleased to welcome KoralSea as a sponsor. Here’s what they have to say about themselves:

KoralSea’s mission is to be a leading provider of high-value goods and live reef species to the home aquarium market. All our livestock is sustainably hand-reared  to the highest standards in our state-of-the art-hatchery in Inagh Valley.

At KoralSea we’re passionate about the hobby.  We know that Marine Aquarium keepers are increasingly conscious of the sustainability wild reefs and are making more ethical decisions on where they buy their stock.

We hand rear corals, fish and live foods of superior quality which are disease resistant, free from parasites and readily settle into new and established aquaria. We work closely with specialist retailers to ensure clear point of sale information and advice is available, ensuring hobbyists get the most out of KoralSea corals and  reef-fish.

KoralSea – Our Brand Values

  • Connecting with needs of an international customer base
  • Fundamental ethos of renewable & ethical supply
  • Validation through science
  • Innovation & creativity
  • Supporting international initiatives to preserve and sustainably manage wild coral reefs.

New sponsor: Marine Aquatics UK

Coming on-board as our latest sponsor, Walsall-based Marine Aquatics specialises in proving the highest quality Marine and Reef-keeping products and livestock at the best prices. With years of knowledge on the keeping, maintenance and shipping of marine and reef-related goods you can be sure that Marine Aquatics help you get the most from your Reef or Marine Aquarium. Whether you are an experienced Reef Keeper or a newly starting Marine keeper, Marine Aquatics has everything you need, all under one roof. Stocking both the latest in Marine Aquarium technology and the very best coral, fish and critters they are all you need to succeed in your chosen hobby.

New Sponsor: Elos

It gives us great pleasure to welcome a new sponsor to the site! With an uncompromising, quality-oriented approach, ELOS is a leading global manufacturer in the aquarium sector whose products offer unsurpassed quality, reliability and lasting value. Established for over 15 years, the company’s innovative solutions set the standard across a broad range of products including fish foods, water analysis, LED lighting, aquarium systems, protein skimmers, aquarium control systems and additives. With their products widely available, and on show in their AquaStudio at Charterhouse Aquatics in London, we’ll be getting involved and reviewing some of their offerings in the coming weeks.

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New Sponsor: SimplyAquaria Ltd, UK

As UK trade distributors for a range of products from Kamoer, Nualgi, Jebao, Autoaqua, Elitech, Fl!ppercleaner and their own in-house developed DIY Tank Covers, we are very pleased to welcome SimplyAquaria as our latest sponsor! Distributing to retailers in the UK and Europe, their mission is to provide marine aquarium retailers with innovative products and superlative support. An expanding business, keep a look out for more exciting products coming online and take note that enquiries both from retailers and manufacturers looking for distribution partners are welcome! Click HERE to visit their website.

New Sponsor: Nyos Aquatics

As experts in ‘high level reefing’, Germany-based Nyos Aquatics have been on our target sponsors list for a fair while now, indeed we’ve been most impressed with their offerings when we’ve had a chance to see and handle them at various trade-shows. Tailored to fulfil the specific demands of marine aquarists, their products should appeal to hobbyists both beginner and advanced alike featuring a range of skimmers, pumps, test kits, fish and coral feed, trace elements, salts and other watercare products. Continue reading New Sponsor: Nyos Aquatics

New Sponsor: mailordercorals

It’s that time again where we welcome a new sponsor to the site and this time we are particularly pleased to say ‘Halò’ to Scotland-based company mailordercorals! Running for around 10 years, mailordercorals is a classic example of a successful hobbyist operation that has gone on to become a healthy online business offering a secure website, live arrival guarantee, variety of shipping options, secure payment and the very best in customer care. Continue reading New Sponsor: mailordercorals

New Sponsors: EcoTech Marine and AquaIllumination (AI)

We are thrilled to announce that the EcoTech and AI brands have joined us on the blog as our latest official sponsors!

Already highly regarded as providers of the very best in cutting-edge LED lighting technology and water movement solutions for aquaria, EcoTech and AI offer a truly revolutionary approach. With their rich histories of innovation in the hobby we look forward to covering their futures as they bring new and exciting products to our aquariums.

Both brands are as committed to advancing aquarium technology as they are to an underpinning of reliable customer support. With the annual influx of cheaply made and cheaply sold equipment in the hobby it is refreshing to see manufacturers that value the user experience and loyalty of their customers.

Take a look at the videos HERE and HERE for more info on each operation… oh and don’t forget to keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks as we’ll be presenting a raft of our unboxing and hands-on reviews as we look at a variety of offerings from these two distinct product lines.

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New Sponsor: Glass Ocean

It gives us great pleasure to welcome yet another high quality sponsor to the blog and this time we have an operation that we’ll also be reviewing very shortly. Here’s what they have to say!

Glass Ocean is specialist in jellyfish supply and low maintenance aquatic equipment designed to make the keeping of jellyfish enjoyable and hassle-free.  After all, you want to spend time enjoying your aquarium, not maintaining it.

Based in the United Kingdom, we source and supply only the best quality goods we ourselves would, and do, use in day to day jellyfish aquarium upkeep.

With years of marine aquatics experience, we know how important it is to use truly effective equipment and tools that make the task of maintaining exotic marine creatures less of a chore. That’s why we’re proud to be authorised retailers of the Cubic® Aquarium Systems range.

We highly recommend that you click the banner below to visit their website!

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New Sponsor: Seachem

As we continue to attract the support of some of the largest and most influential organisations in the reef-keeping industry, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Seachem have come on board as our latest sponsor.

Established around 30 years ago, and offering a combined staff experience in the hobby in excess of 100 years, Seachem offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality, customer satisfaction or choice. Affordability is also central to their approach and this makes their unique and diverse product range particularly attractive to serious hobbyists, as it is also based on sound science. Exemplifying Seachem’s approach, their uncompromising and rigorously optimised AquaVitro product line has already received positive feedback from the reef-keeping community.

As well as an advertising presence on the site we are thrilled that Seachem have provided a number of products for us to test in the near future, so as always keep your eyes on the blog for plenty of product reviews in the coming weeks!

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