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Digital-Reefs Update: Taking A Dip Into the Hidden Realm of Coral Fluorescence

img_6101webIt’s been a while since we broke out our full camera kit, but with a recent day-off work  allowing us to visit a couple of reef shops in the area, we had the perfect excuse. Jumping at the chance we were sure to bring  our little-ocean lens dipper as the shallow coral trays in these shops are great for top-down imaging. So basically, we click Continue reading Digital-Reefs Update: Taking A Dip Into the Hidden Realm of Coral Fluorescence

Blog News – Christmas 2015 Update & Wallpaper

dWell another year has nearly gone… if you’ve been following the blog you might notice that we’ve been a little quiet recently and this is down to increased commitments in a slightly different area of the hobby. Given that this new work is a regular commitment, we will be taking a slightly different approach with the blog into 2016. Continue reading Blog News – Christmas 2015 Update & Wallpaper

Digital-Reefs Update – The Difference is Black and White

As usual it’s pretty difficult to find time to produce general updates on our test system as more often than not, on top of our ‘proper job’ and family commitments, we are frequently busy collecting, unboxing and reviewing new kit, rooting out interesting stories for the blog, or producing material for ourselves or our clients. To be honest a lot of our blog work hinges on regularly chasing companies for the latest info and let’s say some are more responsive than others! Sometimes it can get a little frustrating but we certainly appreciate having the fantastic spread of sponsors that we do… you can tell these companies are the best in the business by their willingness to ‘show off’ their products at a hobbyist level rather than adopting a secretive, isolated approach. Continue reading Digital-Reefs Update – The Difference is Black and White

So Here It Is – Merry Christmas!

So the holidays are finally here and at last we’ve got a bit of time to spend tinkering with the test system. Hopefully the short break will allow us to get to all those jobs we’ve put on the back burner while we got on with the everyday grind! It’s also a good time to stop and reflect a little on how things are going, indeed in the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Continue reading So Here It Is – Merry Christmas!

The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months.

IMG_2776webAs an update to the feature on our test tank in issue 43 of UltraMarine magazine way back in December 2013, we thought it was high time we put together another of our ‘black tank updates’ as the system has also recently passed the minor milestone of 18 months old. Plenty has happened since we wrote that update for UltraMarine, let alone over the last 12 months since our last update on here, so let’s dive right in before anything else happens!  Continue reading The Digital Reefs Black Tank – Passing 18 Months.

Theme Update: Autumn 2014

Well, after running the site with the ‘Twenty Ten’ theme for the last couple of years we thought it was finally time to rejig the site a little and go for a slightly different layout. Please note that over the next couple of weeks we may be making a few final touches to certain parts of the site as we iron out any imperfections…. please let us know if you spot something that you think needs to be changed and we’ll do our best to accommodate it. In terms of functionality, we still have all the features of the previous site. You should still be able to ‘log-in’ to gain access to the galleries and wallpapers as before, if you have subscribed/registered with us of course (for free!). Of course, we’ve plenty of new content on the way and we are hoping to ‘step this up’ now that our other commitments are easing slightly. Keep dropping-by, or better yet subscribe to the site RSS feed to be advised of new content automatically!

Digital-Reefs: Summer 2014 Update

OK so it’s time for a quick update on what’s going to be coming up on Digital-Reefs in the next few weeks as we head through Summer and into Autumn. Firstly we must apologise for a slight pause in posting recently…. rest assured that we haven’t been sitting around idly ‘twiddling our thumbs’ during this period. Actually, we’ve been hard at work negotiating a plethora of new product reviews, the first of which we should have up for you very soon! Continue reading Digital-Reefs: Summer 2014 Update

Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year!

Studeriotes sp. 'Christmas Tree Coral'Well, the presents are wrapped, the fridge is full to bursting and most importantly, the reef tank is running smoothly….. so we’d like to grab this fleeting moment of comparative quiet to wish all our readers a ‘very merry christmas and a happy new year!’. We’d also like to say a big thank you for your continuing support of the site. Stats now show that we are regularly attracting over 10,000 unique visitors from all over the globe EVERY MONTH! which makes us very proud. In return we’ve got plenty of material lined up for the coming weeks with news, reviews and much more scheduled to appear shortly. We’ll also be welcoming a number of new sponsors, and stay tuned for a picture heavy update of the test tank as it passes the one year mark!

Digital-Reefs Update: Product Releases and Reviews Portal Now Online

In case you hadn’t already noticed, Digital-Reefs is one of the more prolific blogs when it comes to posting news of new reef-related products and services, and of course we also bring you our regular hobbyist-view ‘hands on’ reviews too. Actually, we’ve now accumulated so much material we decided to revamp this side of the site to make this material more visible and accessible. As such, please note that you can now gain direct access to a special portal page which lays out releases and reviews and is grouped intuitively by general product area (and the original chronological list is also available). We’ve also added a drop-down link to the listing under the services menu (along the menu bar under the site header image), and a direct button style link over on the right of the front page. The listing already covers a diverse range of products and is steadily growing as we get more companies interested – so please consider bookmarking the page directly and check back to see how things develop. Finally, if there’s a specific product you’d like to see us test, or indeed if you have a product that you’d like to see included, don’t hesitate to contact us!