Mystery Shark Eggs Appear at Public Aquarium

Image: Blackpool Sealife Centre

Staff at the Blackpool Sea Life Centre are reporting the discovery of a number of shark eggs in a tank that was hitherto thought to contain only species that give birth to live young.

The most likely explanation that staff can offer is that the purse-like eggs are being produced by a small female Carpet Shark that must have been introduced but not recorded, and which has managed to go completely undetected in the half-a-million litre display until now.

Visitors are now being urged to keep their eyes peeled for the mystery fish, which still hasn’t been directly observed. It is hoped that, once discovered, it will be possible to move it into a smaller display and maybe provide a mate.

It’ll certainly be interesting to see what species it turns out to be!

Read the Daily Mail article here.

A Little Trip Down Memory Lane

Originally featured in PFK magazine back in 2008, it was nice to see the original Digital-Reefs tank article crop-up again on the PFK website the other day. This tank won quite a few awards around that time including a ‘tank of the year’ on ReefsUK in 2006.

As a bit of an update, the upgrade mentioned in the article did go ahead as planned and the upgraded 45 gal is still ticking over nicely. Having said that, there hasn’t been much time or money available to expand on it over the last couple of years but I hope at some point to build on what’s there.. and maybe even go for another upgrade.

Click here to read the PFK blog entry.