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Offering a super range of marine reef keeping additives, water treatments and balling salt supplements, tanktests also now offer digital water testing instruments and sump accessories. This is all in addition to their incredibly useful postal water testing system which we’ve used on numerous occasions. To be honest, with a service like this, test-kits haven’t been something we’ve worried about for quite some time! Welcome aboard tanktests!

** look out for our review of the advanced water test service – coming soon **

Coming Soon: Digital-Reefs Visits The World Museum, Liverpool

image: Digital-Reefs

If you’ve ever wondered what it takes to run a public aquarium, keep your eyes on the blog for our in-depth report on the aquarium at the World Museum in Liverpool, coming in the next few weeks.

As well as detailed information, we’ll be providing plenty of images from behind-the-scenes to illustrate the workings of this unique facility…. and hopefully we’ll also be reporting on some exciting future developments too!

More Stunning Hard Corals At CoralCulture

image: CoralCulture

Reporting on the availability of stunning corals for sale at CoralCulture is becoming something of a habit for Digital-Reefs. Frankly though, when the pieces are of the quality evident in this most recent shipment, we have no problems with that at all!

Anyway, don’t take our word for it, take a look for yourself at the latest update of their ‘superior collection’ for some beautiful large colonies – and if you can’t afford those, the frag sections contain some really nice pieces at excellent discounted prices.

Furthermore, keep your eyes on the blog in the next few weeks for our forthcoming review of the livestock mail order service from this retailer!





Aqua 2011: Show Report Coming Soon

If you didn’t already know, get ready because the Aqua 2011 trade show is rapidly approaching!

If you can’t make it yourself to the event, but are interested in what goes on, keep your eyes on the blog for our review of this major trade show, due to take place at the Telford International Centre in early October.

With press pass firmly in hand, we’ll be hoping to bring you lots of pictures and news of all the latest products and developments from a host of top reef equipment manufacturers.

Aquarius Team Study Effects Of Herbivorous Fish Diversity

image: Mark Hay

Using the Aquarius Underwater Laboratory off the coast of Florida as a ‘base of operations’, a team of researchers from the Georgia Institute of Technology has recently begun a study on how the diversity of herbivorous fish species affects coral reef health. The mission aims to help scientists protect and even restore damaged coral reefs in the Caribbean.

Led by Mark Hay, Professor of Biology at Georgia Tech, the 10-day project involves the small team living 50 feet below the surface in the underwater lab, which is about the size of a school bus. The study itself will build on previous research into how seaweed growth and fish grazing affects the health of coral reefs in the Pacific Ocean and Caribbean Sea. As many reefkeepers will know, the natural defenses of seaweeds can harm corals, and grazing fish can control the growth of noxious macroalgaes. As such, additional detail on the habits of particular species of fish, as observed in the wild,  should prove to be invaluable.

More HERE!

New Sponsor: Charterhouse Aquatics, UK

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With a recently revamped website Charterhouse Aquatics offer a vast array of products to cover all aspects of reef-keeping. All the top manufacturers are represented in their online catalogue, along with some smaller and more specialist providers that you may have trouble finding elsewhere. Furthermore, look out for some great snap deals on the site, along with bonuses like free next day shipping on orders over £50.

We are pleased to welcome Charterhouse as a sponsor of Digital-Reefs… please take the time to click their banner below and see what’s on offer!

News Isn’t All Bad For Fish On Broken Reefs

image: University of Newcastle

If you thought building a reef within an aquarium was fun, just imagine what it would be like to aquascape with the sunny, sandy shallows of Kimbe Bay in Papua New Guinea as your backdrop!

Although it sounds like the dream of many reefkeepers, for Dr Mary Bonin of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies (CoECRS) and James Cook University this wasn’t just reality, but a necessity for her study into how habitat loss and habitat fragmentation affect the recovery and diversity of coral reefs. 

Along with JCU and CoECRS colleagues Professor Geoff Jones and Dr Glenn Almany, Dr Bonin labouriously constructed 30 reefs in an open sandy area where there were no natural reefs nearby. Each was constructed from boulders and coral debris and stocked with corals and fish. Each was then subjected to a certain level of intentional damage such as that which might be caused by coral bleaching or the effects of harsh weather, and the after-effects on the reefs residents was carefully observed.

Interestingly, the study seemed to prove that while habitat loss did severely affect fish diversity, habitat fragmentation (which has traditional also been regarded as completely negative) actually enhanced fish diversity on some reefs. It was suggested that the break-up of territories actually encouraged new fishes to settle.

Such research could prove useful to those managing the recovery of reefs, and to stimulate the effective recovery of such regions effectively.

Read the paper HERE.

New Sponsor: Simply Seahorses, UK

image: simply seahorses

Based in Anderton, nr Northwich, Simply Seahorses is always a treat to visit… chocked full of exotic creatures, from Syngnathids to Arachnids! As such it gives us great pleasure to welcome them on-board as a sponsor.

The seahorse breeding work achieved by this operation is also impressive and we wholeheartedly suggest taking the time to at least visit the website, if not dropping-by in person.