Biorock Technology Builds Healthy Reefs In Bali

Running since 2000, the Karang Lestari project is the largest coral reef restoration project in the world. Filmed in Pemuteran Bay, Bali, Indonesia, in November 2011, this documentary gives an update on the project and presents some interesting and apparently healthy reef structures built around ‘biorock’ technology.

Biorock® is really interesting actually. It is formed by passing a low voltage current through submerged metal cages. This electrical charge promotes the rapid accretion of minerals on the structures surfaces and in turn, this attracts a range of marine organisms. Calcifying organisms like stony corals colonising the structures have also been shown to benefit from the field, growing several times faster, having higher survival rates and being much more resistant to environmental stresses such as very high temperatures. The Biorock process itself was invented by architect Wolf Hilbertz and developed by him and marine biologist Tom Goreau.

Red Sea Vid Presents Max S-Series In Detail

Whether you are interested in buying one or not, you’ve got to admire the design features incorporated into latest line of ‘plug and play’ aquaria offered by Red Sea. We have to say that it does look very impressive and we particularly liked the lighting arrangement on this tank when we first saw it at Aqua2011 earlier this year. It will certainly be interesting to keep an eye on feedback as these settle into hobbyist use over the coming months.

SAIA Fish Selector 2.0 Launch Imminent

Here’s a quick ‘heads-up’ – the SAIA are due to launch their incredibly useful Fish Selector web service on 23 December at 6pm CET.

We’ve managed to have a sneak preview and have to say this looks like it will prove to be a valuable tool for aquarists researching exactly which fish will be suitable to include in their set-ups. The inclusion of natural distribution maps is a particularly nice touch. While we are on the subject, take the time to have a look at the fish lists run by this organisation too.

If you are anything like us you’ll use all kinds of sources of information to ensure that you attain the most accurate information on you livestock, indeed don’t forget that we have our own galleries here too!

Fish Smuggler Gets Prison Sentence

Further to our report earlier this year, we have just heard that Steve Robinson of Cortez Marine has been sentenced to serve 45 days in prison for trying to smuggle over 50 rare Clipperton Angelfishes in the US.

This shipment, which ultimately suffered massive mortality, prompted us to set-up our Clipperton Atoll petition, and to report matters directly to the French Polynesian Authorities.

We understand that United States Magistrate Judge Nathaniel Cousins also ordered Robinson to pay a $2,000 fine and a one-year period of supervised release.

Read more HERE

Opportunistic Jawfish Imitates An Imitator

A paper and video recently published in Coral Reefs: Journal of the International Society for Reef Studies appears to show a Black-Marble Jawfish taking advantage of the remarkable camoflague of a Mimic Octopus.

Filmed in July 2011 in Indonesia’s Lembeh Strait, the video shows the Jawfish exhibiting a form of opportunistic mimicry. Normally a poor swimmer which lives in or very close to a deep burrow, it appears to be taking advantage of the protection of the octopus to move around and to forage away from its burrow.

Jaw-Dropping ‘Ultra Master’ Scolymia At TAC

image: Taunton Aquarium Centre

When it comes to colourful LPS, Scolymia are hard to beat, indeed, we were floored by this stunning specimen (dubbed the ‘Ultra Master’) which was offered to the UK market by Taunton Aquarium Centre recently.

Collected from Western Australia, this specimen certainly didn’t hang around for long, being snapped-up by a private buyer for just short of £300 almost immediately after being advertised.

Whether it’s corals, fishes or any other kind of marine life, we are always interested in sharing outstanding specimens here on Digital-Reefs. Private aquarist or trader, if you’ve seen or own something that little bit special, feel free to drop us a note and your livestock could well feature on the site!

Steinhart Biologists Produce Hybrid Ghost Pipefish

Check out this video that shows two species of Ghost Pipefish spawning in captivity.  These specimens were legally collected during the 2011 Philippines Biodiversity expedition and taken back to the Steinhart aquarium facility in San Francisco.

We are interested to know what our subscribers think of these efforts…. is this research potentially of great value for the future protection of these species, or is the production of hybrids something that should be avoided?