Red Sea Press Release Details New ‘Reef Starter Kit’

Red Sea is kicking off the New Year with the launch of a brand new product – the Red Sea Reef Starter Kit. Perfect for beginners or anyone who is looking for a fast and safe way to create reef-ready sea water, the starter kit provides everything required to take a new aquarium to full biological maturity in 21 days.

Recommended for the initial set up of any reef aquarium up to 250 liters, including Red Sea’s Max 130D and Max 250 systems, the starter kit comes with three essential components: Red Sea Coral Pro Salt, the Reef Mature Pro Kit and the Marine Care Pro Test Kit.

“We understand how crucial it is for beginner hobbyists to get over the first hurdle of achieving a reef-ready environment for their corals,” explains Eli Nissenberg, Managing Director of Red Sea Group. “Our new starter kit eliminates all the guess work and uncertainty from the whole process. All the hobbyist needs to do is follow the kit’s simple 21-day plan in order to achieve a mature reef system capable of housing even delicate SPS corals.”

The Red Sea Starter Kit comes with optimally balanced Coral Pro Salt that contains biologically balanced, elevated levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Magnesium and Carbonates) necessary for sustainable, accelerated coral growth. The Reef Mature Pro Kit includes a concentrated blend of nitrifying bacteria, a bacteria growth starter, NO3:PO4-X, biological nitrate and phosphate reducer and KH-Coralline Buffer to maintain the optimum KH while vitalizing Live Rocks. The Marine Care Pro Test includes pH/KH, Nitrate/Nitrite and Ammonia tests.

Available worldwide from February 2012.

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