Shark On The Menu For Cryptic Hunter

When it comes to sharks, most people tend to think of them as pretty invulnerable, usually occupying the top of the food chain in their chosen environment. Well, recent observations show that to be generally true but also present a more complex and sinister side to these magnificent creatures which is rarely witnessed.

On an NERP field trip on the Great Barrier Reef in August 2011, divers spotted this Tasselled Wobbegong ingesting a Brown Banded Bamboo Shark. Although they normally feed on smaller fishes, crustaceans and cephalopods, the Wobbegong is well adapted to take larger prey with a wide gape and backward pointing teeth. Such a meal should mean that the shark doesn’t need to feed again for some time!

Read more HERE … and if you thought that was amazing take a look at the youtube vid below.