REVIEW: Seahorse Aquariums Ltd, Ireland

Following their recent stunning Indonesian import, we were very pleased to take delivery of some lovely pieces from our friends ‘across the water’ at Seahorse Aquariums, and to report back how we got on with this ‘exploratory’ shipment. Although they don’t ship to the UK normally at the date of writing, take note that new developments may mean this changes mid-2012. A website revamp is also in the offing which could see a Premium WYSIWYG selection coupled with a Fedex or DHL express service. We think this could prove to be a great option for UK reefers looking for unusual corals at very competitive prices.

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Red Sea Ozone Hits UK Market

Red Sea has launched its established range of AquaZone Plus combined ozone/redox controller units into the UK market.

Ozone has long been known for its significant beneficial properties in controlling harmful pathogens, removing discoloration from aquarium water and significantly improving water quality and protein skimmer performance.

However, the requirement within the aquarium varies daily depending on a number of factors, and using ozone without an appropriate method of control is not only less efficient but can be harmful to both aquarium inhabitants and reef-keepers, as excessive ozone is undesirable.

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