Digital-Reefs Translator Now Available

Just a quick update – in light of increasing traffic from non-UK sources, we’ve now included the popular Global Translator widget into the sidebar on the right so now non English-speaking visitors are free to access all our content too (don’t forget to subscribe to get full access!). If your language isn’t represented, or if you notice any problems, please drop us a note.

Kent Marine Carbon Recall

We noticed yesterday that US based manufacturer Kent Marine recently issued a product recall on its Reef Carbon product on the grounds that certain batches are suspected of “contain[ing] unusually high levels of heavy metals which have an adverse effect on stony corals and clams in marine settings. ”

Specifically,  Kent Marine Reef Carbon in 1lb (1qt), 1.9lb (2qt), .1lbs (1gal), 7lbs (2gal),  15lbs (5gal), 25lbs, 44lbs varieties is being issued a stop-sale for retailers.

UK consumers should also take the time to check against the batch information issued as Kent have informed us directly that the batches in question may not be restricted to the US. The problem appears to have arisen at the mining stage, during which Copper may have entered the product in higher concentrations than normal.

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