TMC Go Royal Blue With Latest LED

Recently released, TMCs 12 watt AquaRay 600 ‘Ultra Fiji Blue’ LED unit shines in a part of the blue spectrum that their existing fixtures can’t reach, featuring Cree Royal Blue XP-E LEDs with an emissions peak of 445nm.

Although potentially less useful to growth and health than exisiting fixtures, this unit is sure to appeal to those who are looking to stimulate the fluorescent pigments in their corals particularly if it is used with exisiting cyan-blue strips.

Actually, as well as being available singly for £102.11 RRP, the Fiji is also on offer as part of a combo pack with the Reef blue for a cracking £194.04 RRP. Of course, it is fully compatible with the existing mounting and controllers, benefits from low running costs and long-life, and comes in at 19.5 inches in length.