Mystery Mimic Is Stunning Import From Papua New Guinea

Exhibiting an extremely unusual pattern, it’s no surprise that Digital-Reefs sponsors Ocean Corals recently sold this fabulous and unusual juvenile Mimic Tang Acanthurus pyroferus almost instantly after obtaining it through EcoReef UK.

With EcoReef UK using EcoAquarium PNGs unique labelling system, we can see exactly where this fish was captured, and even the man who caught it! (see image gallery below). Perhaps more importantly this also tells us the fish was captured without the use of destructive techniques, and was harvested in with sustainability in mind.

Acanthurus pyroferus occurs widely across the Indo-Pacific but the pattern exhibited by juveniles can vary depending on the species of Centropyge sp. Dwarf Angel prevalent in that particular area (as this is the species that they mimic). This individual is particularly interesting and unique though, and exactly which species of angel (or possibly other genus?) this fish is mimicking is unknown. Whether or not it is a hybrid is also uncertain.

Whatever the case, it certainly justifies the ‘very cool’ designation given on it’s ecolabel. We certainly hope the private aquarist who obtained the fish manages to keep it alive and perhaps one day we’ll be able to run a follow-up report.