TMC Signature Series Release Imminent

Following on from their introduction at Interzoo 2012, TMC’s ‘Signature’ range of braceless, rimless optiwhite tanks with matching cabinets is due to be released to the UK market in the next couple of weeks. We’ve now been provided with detailed spec sheets and price lists and have to say that these units look rather tempting.

Available separately, tanks range from 60 – 120 litres in capacity. Constructed from either 6 or 8mm premium quality optiwhite glass, with discreet silicone joints, these aquaria are set to enable truly ‘high definition’ viewing of your aquarium inhabitants from all angles. RRPs are set to range from £100 – £150. To support such a tank effectively, and set it off in the best way possible, a range of bespoke cabinets are also available. Coming in carbon grey, charcoal black and glacier white, these cabinets follow the minimal theme yet offer a high level of adaptability and durability. Cabinet RRPs range from £100 – £130.

UK reefkeepers take note that TMC is also offering predrilled tank, sump and cabinet ‘sets’ for certain sizes. As well as taking the hassle out of it for you, this this clearly opens up the possibility for you to take minimalist tank design to a whole new level. Take a look at the spec sheets below for full details.