New Sponsor: New Era Aquaculture

As passionate for fish nutrition as we are for reefkeeping, New Era have used years of experience in ornamental aquaculture to develop a unique range of fish foods and dietary regimes that are currently taking the market by storm.

With extensive international expertise in conservation, breeding, nutrition, disease prevention and aquatic ecosystems they clearly possess the deep understanding needed to create an unparalleled range of feeds for marine, tropical and coldwater species. Its no surprise that they collaborate very closely with public aquaria, vets and industry professionals throughout the world to develop feeding programmes and technologies with the aim of driving the industry forward.

From a hobbyist perspective, we’ve already been impressed with their range and currently incorporate a number of their products into our own feeding regime. As such we are thrilled to have them on-board… actually, keep your eyes on the site in the coming weeks as we hope to bring news of some new product developments!