Review: Hanna Calcium Checker

With natural seawater containing around 420ppm, Calcium is both a major ion and a critical building block for a myriad of calcifying organisms in the oceans. These organisms range from colourful reef-building SPS corals, to tiny molluscs, to a whole host of other life-forms. Along with Alkalinity and Magnesium (to which it is intrinsically linked) Calcium should therefore be carefully monitored and controlled in a reef system. If levels fall out of balance the organisms that rely on it are likely to be adversely affected. Continue reading Review: Hanna Calcium Checker

Video: Soft Coral Propagation Showcased

SPS and LPS corals seem to get all the limelight sometimes, with their often intense colouration proving to be immediately enchanting. Don’t foget soft corals though because, as shown in this lovely video from Tidal Gardens, certain species can rival their more rigid cousins. In terms of form and movement, softies can make for a stunning display plus, many soft coral species can be hardier, and can sometimes be kept with fishes that are partial to the taste of other corals.