New Species: Arrowhead Soapfish

A new species image and profile has been added to the Digital-Reefs galleries. The Arrowhead Soapfish is quite unusual in the trade and, with its beautiful green-blue colouration, it’s no surprise that this specimen caught our attention during a recent shoot at a marine retail outlet. Part of the large Serranid family of Groupers and Sea Basses, the Soapfish are remarkable in that they exude Grammistin (a toxic, bitter-tasting skin secretion) when handled. As well as giving them their common name, this strategy provides them with an effective deterrent from predators in their natural environment. For a larger image and full species profile click here (note: you must be a logged-in subscriber to access this page – if you wish to subscribe quickly and freely, click here).

New Era Net Business Award

New Era Aquaculture, the Thorne-based company revolutionising the fish food market, is celebrating its first business award, confident that it may not be its last!

The manufacturer of innovative fish diets supplied to public aquariums and hobbyists across the globe lifted the Excellence in Overseas Trade accolade in Doncaster Chamber of Commerce’s 2012 Business Awards. Continue reading New Era Net Business Award