Review: TMC V2 Bio React 500

It’s been quite a while since we did our original unboxing review of this reactor, so we’ve been itching to get it running on our system. Now that we’ve made progress with other areas of the display the time was right to deploy this equipment and we set-to with the final assembly and installation.

We’ve already conveyed our high regard for the construction and simplicity of this reactor and this was confirmed as we got to grips with connecting it up.  Continue reading Review: TMC V2 Bio React 500

The Digital-Reefs Black Tank – Stocking Begins

Well, so much has happened since our last update that it’s hard to know where to start. Actually, if we don’t sit down and take a few moments we’ll probably have even more to add…. so let’s just get cracking! In our last installment, the tank had recently been inoculated with live rock and we’d observed as nutrient levels had stabilised generally. In essence the tank was ‘born’ and we were now custodians of a fully functioning miniature reef ecosystem. Continue reading The Digital-Reefs Black Tank – Stocking Begins

Video: Molluscs Disco Well After Dark

Have a look at this really interesting footage from researchers at the University of California, Berkeley. After filming the scallops at night with an infrared camera,  Lindsey Dougherty and her colleagues noticed that the scallops still rolled their reflective lip even though there was no apparent light to reflect. The team are now investigating the possibility that the mechanism has a previously unknown purpose. Read more via Newscientist.