New Sponsor: Vertex Aquaristik™

As the site continues to grow we are thrilled to announce that yet another organisation has decided to come onboard as an official sponsor. Lending considerable prestige to the site, Vertex Aquaristik™ is one of the hottest new outfits producing high-end equipment for discerning aquarists. Repeatedly lauded, they have already proven their engineering pedigree with a successful and widely distributed range of innovative products. Central to their ethos is a practical approach yet one that is also ecologically responsible. Their product development process is also worthy of note, being particularly rigorous. This clearly works well and ensures that vertex products are some of the most durable. They are equally uncompromising in their mission to meet and surpass all expectations on all products and services and in our dealing with them we’ve been most impressed. We highly recommend that you visit their site to see what’s on offer, or to check for new products coming on line. Also keep your eyes on the board as we’ll be taking a look at some of their offerings in the near future.

Rare Angel Spotted Miles From Home

Previously supposed to only inhabit the far southern reaches of French Polynesia, scientific diver Eva McClure of the Global Reef Expedition was understandably excited to spot this stunning little Orangehead/Blackear Pygmy Angelfish, Centropyge hotumatua in the waters of the Gambier Archipelago in French Polynesia.

With its previously supposed habitat lying some 700km to the southwest (Pitcairn’s) or 1,000km to the east (Austral’s) over open ocean, the discovery becomes even more amazing.

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New Species: Honeycomb Filefish

A new species image and profile has been added to the Digital-Reefs galleries!

Cantherhines pardalis is an Indo-Pacific species that often occurs on outer reef slopes, sometimes in silty habitats, to depths of 2 – 20 metres. feeding on benthic organisms and somewhat shy, young specimens have been seen floating with loose surface weeds, and adults are often found in association with large Sargassum rafts during the wet season. The species can also adopt three basic color patterns but all have the white spot at the bas of the tail.

Click here for a larger image and species profile (subscribed, logged-in users only). Specimen photographed at the Aquarium at Cockfields Farm.

Video: ZSL Seahorses Get ‘In The Mood’

OK, we’ve missed Valentines Day by a day but we still thought this video, recently uploaded by ZSL London Zoo was on-topic enough to mention… actually, they are due to launch a new Seahorse exhibit on Saturday February 16th. If you are in the area drop in and tell them you saw the vid bounced on D-R!

With eight bespoke holding tanks, the exhibit will show visitors the various stages of the seahorse lifecycle, with special curved tanks for the fry (seahorse babies), different tanks for juveniles and separate tanks for each of the mating pairs, who like a bit of privacy.

ZSL’s team of presenters will be revealing Seahorse Secrets every day during half term, with a daily talk about these remarkable creatures, including what seahorses have in common with monkeys and chameleons!

Wonderous Acropora Gardens Of Mangareva Explored

Continuing their mission, the Global Reef Expedition have recently been exploring the waters of the Gambier/Mangareva Islands, a Pacific group which includes five high volcanic islands and 18 smaller islets. With some 85 pearl farms this location has been called the jewel of French Polynesia.

On the mission blog, Chief Scientist Dr. Andrew Bruckner noted that, in this location, the team found more diverse coral habitats than anything seen previously. Noting highly conspicuous reef zonation, with an impressive diversity of Acroporid corals, the team were amazed by vigorous coral growth at the water’s surface AND a deep coral framework on the lagoon floor which supports a proliferant coral community to depths of 40 m or more.

Perhaps even more intriguing, each lagoonal reef had a different structure and a different assemblage of corals.

Review: EcoTech VorTech MP40w ES stream pump

If you’ve been following our stream pump reviews over the last few months you’ll see that we’ve already taken a look at some of the major players in this competitive and sometimes controversial area of reef tank design. With each brand having its own often die-hard fans, comparisons between stream pumps almost always spark lively debate. In this piece we’ll avoid direct comparisons and focus solely on the form and function of EcoTech Marine’s offering – the MP40wES. Continue reading Review: EcoTech VorTech MP40w ES stream pump