Hydor Developing New Range For AQUA 2013

Hydor have recently announced that, over the next few months leading up to the Aqua 2013 show, they will be launching a number of new product ranges. First-up is Hydor LAB which is their new media range which has been formulated by Hydor’s own R&D department. Key to this range is said to be the use of materials sourced from Europe which suggests that purity and consistency of product should be excellent. Price is competitive too… and quality is rumoured to be greatly improved over standard medias.

Take a look at the release opposite for further detail!

Shark Baby Boom at Deep Sea World

image: Deep Sea WorldAccording to a press release just issued, Aquarists at Deep Sea World, Scotland’s national aquarium, are looking after more than 30 baby sharks – with another 50 due to hatch out in the coming weeks. The unprecedented baby boom is centred around the North Queensferry attraction’s collection of native sharks with baby bull huss, smooth hounds and dogfish joining their quintet of Critically Endangered angel shark pups. Continue reading Shark Baby Boom at Deep Sea World

Video: TMC Mystery Fish Revealed

Following up recent teaser posts on Facebook page, TMC have just released the above video which finally reveals their mystery fish as….. a stunning juvenile Clarion Angel! If that’s not enough, this fish is also both captive-bred and displays an interesting pattern. No details on pricing are available at the moment but this fish is likley to command a four figure sum, and take note that it will ultimately require a very large aquarium.

It’s great to see this species being bred in captivity rather than plundered from the wild, and let’s hope that plenty more specimens become available.

MoS2 Sensors To Revolutionise Low Light Imaging?

Researching the amazing semi-conducting properties of the mineral molybdenite (MoS2) since 2011, a team led by Andras Kis of the EPFL Electrical Engineering Institute, Switzerland, has developed a prototype of an image sensor that incorporates the material and has the potential to improve sensor sensitivity by a factor of five. The development is reported in the journal Nature Nanotechnology. Continue reading MoS2 Sensors To Revolutionise Low Light Imaging?

Video: Oasis Aquarium Gets Digital-Reefs Treatment

In case you were wondering why we’ve been a little quieter than usual over the last couple of weeks, we can now reveal that we’ve been working on a special project for our friends at Oasis Aquarium.

Voted the UKs ‘Marine Retailer of the Year’ by PFK magazine readers, we believe Oasis will be rolling out a new webiste in the very near future, and we’ve put together lots of images for the site, plus this short promotional video. Whether or not you’ve been to Oasis, take a moment to view the video and see just why this store is rated so highly!