First Look At Beautiful New Blenny From Brazil

credit: R MaceiraLocated in 2009 during an expedition conducted by several Brazilian universities with support from the Brazilian Navy, researchers from Brazil have just published data on a new species of Combtooth Blenny from the Brazilian archipelago of Trindade and Martim Vaz. An endemic species Hypleurochilus brasil can only be found in this group of islands due to how far it is from the coast. Continue reading First Look At Beautiful New Blenny From Brazil

Review: Vertex Mocean 2000 Wavemaker

Flow, circulation, turbulence… whatever you call it, the movement of water in a reef aquarium is important for many reasons. It is possible to achieve this movement using a variety of different devices, indeed we’ve already looked at a number of stream pumps on our reviews over recent months. In this review though we’ll take a look at a slightly different approach to the generation of turbulence as we get hands-on with Vertex’s Mocean wavemaker. Continue reading Review: Vertex Mocean 2000 Wavemaker

Aqua2013 – The Digital-Reefs Report

Taking place at the Telford International Centre on October 9th and 10th, Aqua2013 attracted around 70 top companies involved in the water gardening, aquatics and reptiles trade this year. Having reported on the last event back in 2011 our overall impression was that this event was very similar in terms of the number of exhibitors and size of exhibits, although then new layout and our own time constraints made this a challenge to judge. Visitor numbers looked great indeed we believe numbers were up 10% overall on the 2011 figure. Actually, we had a hard time squeezing ourselves in to talk to certain suppliers amidst the frenetic networking activity. We did succeed in most cases though and it was nice to see some faces, both new and old, from various different ‘branches’ of the trade.

Anyway, without further ado, let’s talk about new developments that will be of specific interest to reef enthusiasts, and yes, there were plenty of new products on show! We were particularly pleased to grab some ‘exclusives’ too, so look out for those. Take a look at our supplier specific summaries below for a general feel for what’s coming through to the market right now. Continue reading Aqua2013 – The Digital-Reefs Report

Reef Conservation UK Conference Coming Soon At ZSL

Scheduled to be held at the Zoological Society of London on 7th December, this years’ Reef Conservation UK meeting looks set to be another fascinating event. Aiming to promote the mission of RCUK by opening lines of communication through a series of presentations, posters and networking opportunities the conference will also continue to highlight the need for multidisciplinary studies of coral reefs and adjacent environments. An excellent opportunity to meet fellow UK reef workers and enthusiasts to discuss ideas and activities on an informal basis, contributions are encouraged from all disciplines – research students, university lecturers, aquarists, field conservation workers, consultants and those involved with ecotourism. Online registrations are available at a cost of around £30 – 35.

For more information, or to make contact, visit

Winter Blackout Risk For UK Reefs?

It’s something we often take for granted generally, and we all know how critical reliable power is in maintaining our reef aquaria. However, the risk of blackouts in the UK this winter will be higher than it has been for almost a decade, National Grid warned on Monday. The Grid said reserve supplies of electricity will be wafer thin after a dramatic fall in the amount of coal-based power plants operating across the UK and it warned it may have to issue NISMs – warnings to industry to bring mothballed plants into action or increase generation to cope. Continue reading Winter Blackout Risk For UK Reefs?

Just One Day Left Until Aqua2013!

It’s that time we’ve been waiting for… patiently… for 2 long years! Yes, the UKs one major aquatics tradeshow is due to take place on 9th and 10th October and we’ll be there (flashing our press pass proudly) as we were in 2011. This year Aqua2013 looks like it should be the best yet with around 70 of the trades ‘top marques’ in attendance. The show is so popular that is actually sold out over 3 months ago. Although the event isn’t open to hobbyists, don’t despair as we’ll be doing all the legwork and talking to all the reef relevant providers with a view to bringing you the latest and best independent coverage… written by reef enthusiasts, for reef enthusiasts!

The Rare Fish Keep Coming!

Hot on the heels of last weeks’ stunning Peliciers Perchlet offering, Maidenhead Aquatics @ Windsor have done it again and this time it’s not one but two stunning rare reef fishes on offer. Imported by, and showcased recently by TMC London, the fishes in question are a stunning Chaetodon daedalma Wrought Iron Butterflyfish and an equally gorgeous Centropyge interruptus Japanese Pygmy Angel. Continue reading The Rare Fish Keep Coming!

Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC™ T5 Tubes

With some of the T5 tubes on our test system starting to get a bit past their best, we decided it was time to swap them out for some new tubes. Luckily, this also presented an opportunity to test out a couple of Red Sea’s recently released ‘Reef Spec’ tubes (specifically the 22k ‘actinic’ and ‘pink’ versions). German-made and designed to ‘provide high quality lighting for reef aquariums’ these tubes promise a lot… but do they deliver?    Continue reading Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC™ T5 Tubes

Pelicier’s Perchlet Makes Rare UK Appearance

Typically found at depths exceeding 100 metres, Plectranthias pelicieri is a Western Indian Ocean species that tends to act rather more like a Hawkfish than an Anthias. Predatory by nature, they feed on small crustaceans and fishes. Usually dwelling beyond the reach of collectors, it’s no surprise that this stunning species is such a rare import and that when it is available it commands a hefty price tag! Continue reading Pelicier’s Perchlet Makes Rare UK Appearance