Video: Stunning ‘Tigerpyge’ Angel at TMC

Heads-up UK reefkeepers… TMC have just posted this video of gorgeous ‘Tigerpyge’ hybrid Dwarf Angel suggesting that it will soon be available in a UK store. Although certainly not the first to enter the trade, we have to say this looks like a really nice specimen with the best bits of both Centropyge flavissima and C. eibli evident. No word on pricing yet but we wouldn’t be surprised if this one was approaching the 4 figure mark. We’ll certainly keep our ears to the ground for more info on this specimen.

Flash Photography Seems No Worries For Seahorses

image: Digital-Reefs

Check out this radio interview in which David Harasti, a seahorse expert and PhD student at the University of Technology Sydney, discusses the use of underwater flash photography on seahorses. His findings, that such techniques have no negative impact on the species, are particularly interesting as many authorities, including The UK Seahorse Trust, currently ban flash photography. We’ve encountered this strange policy ourselves when shooting certain Syngnathids in public and dealer aquaria. To add, through our own work with seahorse specialists in the UK we’ve never seen flash photography cause either short or long-term distress to numerous seahorse or other Syngnathid species. As suggested by David, we agree that the finding has the potential to greatly assist wild observation and study of these species through the capture of more detailed imagery.

Video: Americas Oldest Public Aquarium Closes

Originally founded in 1873, the US National Aquarium in Washington, D.C moved to the base of the Washington Monument in 1878, before winding up in the Commerce Building basement in 1932. Although the U.S. government pulled the plug on funding in 1982, the National Aquarium Society, a nonprofit organization, kept the facility running. In 2003, the Washington-based aquarium signed a partnership agreement with the National Aquarium in Baltimore, and the two worked together since. Construction and renovation at the Commerce Building finally prompted the closure though.

In early October, staff and volunteers began the six-month process of closing down the facility – check out the video to see just how they dealt with the sometimes arduous task of rehoming their livestock.

Digital-Reefs Update: Product Releases and Reviews Portal Now Online

In case you hadn’t already noticed, Digital-Reefs is one of the more prolific blogs when it comes to posting news of new reef-related products and services, and of course we also bring you our regular hobbyist-view ‘hands on’ reviews too. Actually, we’ve now accumulated so much material we decided to revamp this side of the site to make this material more visible and accessible. As such, please note that you can now gain direct access to a special portal page which lays out releases and reviews and is grouped intuitively by general product area (and the original chronological list is also available). We’ve also added a drop-down link to the listing under the services menu (along the menu bar under the site header image), and a direct button style link over on the right of the front page. The listing already covers a diverse range of products and is steadily growing as we get more companies interested – so please consider bookmarking the page directly and check back to see how things develop. Finally, if there’s a specific product you’d like to see us test, or indeed if you have a product that you’d like to see included, don’t hesitate to contact us!