Merry Christmas, And A Happy New Year!

Studeriotes sp. 'Christmas Tree Coral'Well, the presents are wrapped, the fridge is full to bursting and most importantly, the reef tank is running smoothly….. so we’d like to grab this fleeting moment of comparative quiet to wish all our readers a ‘very merry christmas and a happy new year!’. We’d also like to say a big thank you for your continuing support of the site. Stats now show that we are regularly attracting over 10,000 unique visitors from all over the globe EVERY MONTH! which makes us very proud. In return we’ve got plenty of material lined up for the coming weeks with news, reviews and much more scheduled to appear shortly. We’ll also be welcoming a number of new sponsors, and stay tuned for a picture heavy update of the test tank as it passes the one year mark!

Review: Arcadia Aquarium Polyfilter

Being hobbyists for more than a decade, we’ve seen our fair share of ‘miracle’ products that make bold claims about their abilities and promise a one-off fix for all manner of problems. There are relatively few that fully deliver on this promise though and sometimes, we find that for the expense involved, the product hasn’t really lived up to the hype. Having used Polyfilter on and off for years, we’ve been impressed with its performance, but when put under close scrutiny, is this product really doing everything it claims? Continue reading Review: Arcadia Aquarium Polyfilter

Red Sea Launches New Website







 Red Sea has launched a new, highly comprehensive and user-friendly website

The website features a brand-new design, cleaner layout of page content, and an intuitive site-wide navigation system. It is also accessible through a wider range of web browsers and devices, including mobiles and tablets. Red Sea’s investment into professional video guides is very evident and in particular the highly informative Reef Care Program video series is not to be missed for anyone wishing to really understand what is going on inside their aquarium and seeking to provide the right environment for corals.

You are welcome to register at for special consumer offers, product updates and advance notice of forthcoming innovations.

Red Sea is inviting hobbyists to provide feedback and suggestions on the new website, and any comments can be emailed to:

‘Unseen’ Diversity Influencing Coral Survival

Credit: Iliana Baums, Penn State UniversityClimate change may be putting coral reefs in jeopardy, but a surprising discovery by a team of marine biologists suggests that coral species virtually identical in appearance differ in how they survive in harsh environments. The researchers sampled the lobe coral Porites lobata in the Eastern Pacific Ocean and genetically analyzed the samples to reveal differences among various sample locations. When the scientists analysed their data they found an unexpected pattern: two separate lineages of coral that look deceivingly similar sometimes live together in the same location. The genetic data confirmed the samples were not all Porites lobata, but also P. evermanni. Continue reading ‘Unseen’ Diversity Influencing Coral Survival

Review: Little Ocean DSLR ‘Lens Dipper’

If you’re a regular on Digital-Reefs, you’ll know that we’ve been photographing reef tanks and their inhabitants from just about every angle for years now. When it comes to ‘top-down’ shots though we have to admit that our library is a bit short of quality shots of that kind. Let’s face it, through the surface shots are really difficult with surface turbulence and reflections all conspiring to distort or obscure the fine details of corals growing tantalisingly beneath the water line. We’ve even gone so far as to wrap clingfilm or plastic bags around our camera lens to try to improve our shots in the past… and let’s just say that didn’t end well! Luckily there’s a new tool now available that makes things a whole lot safer and easier. Continue reading Review: Little Ocean DSLR ‘Lens Dipper’

Review: NT Labs ‘Marine Flake with Garlic’ Range

On our recent visit to Aqua2013 one of the companies we were particularly interested in revisiting was NT Labs. Having reviewed some of their products before we’ve already found them to be both effective and reasonably priced. As helpful and enthusiastic as ever, they were more than happy to show us their range and we were immediately interested by two new marine flake offerings – Ocean Flake with Garlic and Algae Flake with Garlic. Continue reading Review: NT Labs ‘Marine Flake with Garlic’ Range

A New Definition For ‘Reef Bones’

A team from Swansea University in the UK, and China, have recently published a paper in the journal Biomedical Materials that shows corals’ stony skeletons could soon be used more extensively in bone grafting procedures. By partially converting their skeletons calcium carbonate into coralline hydroxyapatite (CHA), the resulting coralline hydroxyapatite/calcium carbonate (CHACC), has been shown to ‘considerably improve’ the outcome of bone grafts in 16 patients. Continue reading A New Definition For ‘Reef Bones’