Is Dead Coral Causing Feckless Fish

image: Digital-ReefsInteresting new research recently been published in the Journal of Animal Ecology, suggests that the degradation of coral reef habitats may be having an insidious knock-on effect on the behaviour of young fishes during their critical settlement stage on the reef. During this dangerous time juvenile fishes rely heavily on their sense of smell to build a picture of predation threats in their complex new world. Continue reading Is Dead Coral Causing Feckless Fish

Video: Red Sea Showcases New REEF-SPEC Refractometer

Having already seen some preliminary reports breaking in the last few days, we were interested to watch this video which was published by Red Sea themselves today. The video goes some way to address certain misconceptions about the product, and we have to say we think it looks really good. We’ll be getting our hands on this unit very shortly and doing our own review when we’ve given it the attention it deserves.

A Heart-Shaped Coral For Valentines Day

image courtesy of CoralCultureLooking for that one-off special Valentines day gift? well, you couldn’t get much better than this stunning heart-shaped Lobophyllia offered by CoralCulture today. Although a fairly common species, the super colours and unique shape of this colony really make it a one-off. Lobos generally aren’t too hard to keep either so hopefully the colony will endure for many years. Available for £165, this large (approx. 20cm diameter) specimen has certainly earned a place in our hearts here at Digital-Reefs. For more information visit CoralCulture’s website.

New Species: Golden Hawkfish

A new species image and profile has been added to the Digital-Reefs galleries! Paracirrhites xanthus, commonly known as the Golden Hawkfish, is a rare relative of the more commonly encountered Arc-eye Hawkfish, Paracirrhites arcuatus. Unlike the Arc-Eye though, the Golden Hawkfish is rarely imported and as such is usually expensive. This species comes from a limited range in the Eastern Central Pacific and is sometimes confused with Cirrhitichthys aureus, the Japanese Golden Hawkfish. We spotted this stunning specimen in a large reef aquarium installed and maintained by Aquarium Architecture. For a larger image and full species profile click here (note: you must be a logged-in subscriber to access this page – if you wish to subscribe quickly and freely, click here).

Review: Little Ocean Frag Racks and Plugs

After several months of growth and the occasional disturbance to our aquascape, we recently had chance to round-up some of the various fragments that had naturally ended up lying around on the substrate in our test tank. Rather than using them to start new colonies on the aquascape though we decided we’d get hold of a frag rack and see if we could grow these on to trade with other hobbyists. At the end of the day, any extra money we could generate would be very useful in continuing to run and stock the system. Continue reading Review: Little Ocean Frag Racks and Plugs