New Species: Painted Anthias

A new species image and profile has been added to the Digital-Reefs galleries!  Commonly known as the Painted Anthias, Pseudanthias pictilis is a Western Pacific species which favours water depths of 12-40m and occurs in aggregations above steep outer reef slopes. For a larger image, more detailed species profile and over 20 other Anthias species visit our gallery here (subscribed, logged-in users only).

Review: Prodibio BioKit Reef

Having set-up and managed several different reef aquaria over the last decade or so, we’ve used quite a few different biological methodologies and employed a range of different technology in the quest for the best possible conditions for our stock. In that period we’ve seen companies, and the approaches they tout, rise and sometimes fall away into obscurity. The use of probiotic supplements to attain low nutrient levels in reefs is an approach that has gained popularity in recent years and now appears to have become firmly established as a viable methodology for the long term maintenance of reef aquaria. Furthermore, this method is clearly capable of producing some of the most visually stunning aquaria, particularly SPS dominated systems. Given this, and the fact that our own test system had reached a point suitable for the deployment of such a method, we decided to conduct our own foray into the world of probiotics. Continue reading Review: Prodibio BioKit Reef

Video: Top Aquarium Architecture Installation Gets D-R Treatment

Easily one of the top private reef systems in the UK, we are thrilled to be allowed to present this Aquarium Architecture installation which we were offically commissioned to shoot late last year. Although the location and owner of the system must remain anonymous, seasoned reefkeepers will have no difficulty in recognising some of the extremely rare and desirable livestock in this massive, jaw-dropping system. With Gem Tangs, Black Tangs, Femininus Wrasse, a stunning Golden Hawkfish and more rare Anthias than you can shake a stick at, this installation also features a stunning aquascape festooned with huge corals of all kinds. As well as providing an initial spectacle that literally takes ones breath away, the size and stocking of this system also mean that for once, on closer inspection, it is possible to see fascinating natural behaviour among the residents – anthias males courting females for example, or huge placid Parrotfish and Tangs grazing gently amongst the corals…. truly a spectacle we will never forget.

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Video: Another Captive-bred Clarion At TMC

Following on from the specimen that surfaced back in June last year, we see that TMC have ‘done it again’ with another stunning captive-bred Clarion Angel Holacanthus clarionensis. Filmed at TMC Bristol, this specimen like the last, is just a juvenile and likely originates from Bali Aquarich. No word on the price but it’s more than likely to be a a 4 figure sum. We believe the last specimen ended up travelling on to the USA and eventually sold for just shy of $5000.

New Sponsor: Prodibio

It gives us great pleasure to introduce Prodibio as a new sponsor! Originally founded in Lyon in January 1998, Prodibio has since developed an international reputation for quality. Now based in Marseille, and with a range of products distributed across 5 continents, clients include hobbyists, distributors, stores, public aquaria and aquaculture operations.

Although freshwater and pond products are also offered, reef hobbyists will of course be most interested in their well-respected, specialist nutrient systems for reef tanks. Falling under the ULNS approach, Prodibio’s water treatment range can be used selectively to acheive individual systems goals, such as the establishment of new systems biologically, the reduction of Phosphates and Nitrates, or for the addition of essential fatty acids or trace elements to tweak coral colouration.

What makes Prodibio different to other ULNS supplements though is that it can be performed without the hassle of daily dosing and reactors. Overall, the system is extremely easy to use thanks to the unique dosing concept that Prodibio has developed. The use of ampoules has many advantages including very long shelf life, no deterioration of the product inside, and of course no more worries about measuring out doses. The system is  so simple infact that we’ve recently been able to undertake our very own test programme, despite limited time.

Anyway, stay tuned for the latest developments from this company, and of course our forthcoming ‘BioKit Reef’ review!

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