Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water

Credit: Megan Morikawa

In an interesting new development, Stanford University researchers led by biology Professor Steve Palumbi have shown that some corals can adjust their internal functions to tolerate hot water 50 times faster than they would adapt through evolutionary change alone. The corals Palumbi’s group studied adjusted themselves ‘on the fly’ by switching on or off certain genes, depending on the local temperature. Continue reading Nature & Nurture Helps Corals In Hot Water

Video: Get Down And Dirty With Muck Diving Secrets

Informative and beautifully filmed, this Bubble Vision video focuses on the diverse and fascinating marine life of North Sulawesi’s Lembeh Strait’s, at the heart of the Coral Triangle. Featuring a myriad of exotic creatures, most represented in stunning macro level detail, this video is sure to captivate reef-keeping enthusiasts, so sit back, switch on the HD, and enjoy! Also take note that this material is being serialised on Youtube so don’t forget to subscribe to their channel for future updates.

New Sponsor: Seachem

As we continue to attract the support of some of the largest and most influential organisations in the reef-keeping industry, it gives us great pleasure to announce that Seachem have come on board as our latest sponsor.

Established around 30 years ago, and offering a combined staff experience in the hobby in excess of 100 years, Seachem offer innovative solutions without compromising on quality, customer satisfaction or choice. Affordability is also central to their approach and this makes their unique and diverse product range particularly attractive to serious hobbyists, as it is also based on sound science. Exemplifying Seachem’s approach, their uncompromising and rigorously optimised AquaVitro product line has already received positive feedback from the reef-keeping community.

As well as an advertising presence on the site we are thrilled that Seachem have provided a number of products for us to test in the near future, so as always keep your eyes on the blog for plenty of product reviews in the coming weeks!

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Super Rare Aurora Anthias Surface In The UK

We’ve just received a ‘heads-up’ from our friends at Aquarium Architecture to say that they’ve recently obtained a number of super rare and stunning Pseudanthias calloura via TMC. Also known as the Aurora Anthias for it’s stunning red, orange and lavender hues, this species has entered the trade before but specimens have so far apparently gone top paying Asian outlets. Although details are quite sketchy at the moment we believe this stock may be destined for the incredible Luxury Townhouse aquarium in Hampstead Heath, London, which we were lucky enough to shoot for Aquarium Architecture recently.

New sponsor:

It gives us great pleasure to welcome as our latest sponsor here on Digital-Reefs! With almost 20 years of experience in the salt water industry is a highly professional European livestock import/retail operation offering extensive technical knowledge and rare coral species from around the world. With their large showroom on the outskirts of Stuttgart receiving several direct imports each week, they can always provide a large range of corals and accessories at fair prices. With Live Arrival Guarantees, Same Day Shipping, WYSIWYG ordering and a really good website (with more than 500 new corals each week) we are thrilled to have on-board and we’ll be bringing you a detailed review of their mail order service in the coming weeks!

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Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC Seawater Refractometer

When it comes to measuring Salinity, refractometers are one of the most accurate tools available to reefkeepers. Thankfully, they are also relatively inexpensive and straightforward to use. What many hobbyists may not be aware of though is that not all refractometers are created equal, indeed, some are actually calibrated to measure a saltwater ‘brine’ solution rather than true seawater. Although still useable, this can mean that the reading obtained from such units can be slightly misleading to the unsuspecting hobbyist. To-date, refractometers calibrated for true seawater have been few and far between but a new option has recently become available from Red Sea. Continue reading Review: Red Sea REEF-SPEC Seawater Refractometer

Video: Jammed In Like Sardines? No Problem With Prodibio

Normally, transporting maybe one or two fish home from the store is stressful enough (on us as well as the fish), so imagine the challenge if you’ve got to ship 20,000 fish (delicate sardines) all the way from from Japan to Seoul! Luckily Prodibio were on hand in this case to supply some of their wares – Safe Travel (bacteria solution dedicated to fish transportation) and Stop Ammo Pro version (ammo binder which traps ammonia) and thanks to these products, only 6 fishes failed to survive the trip giving it a 99.97% survival rate. That makes us very interested in these products for our own fish transportation needs.