Exclusive: Red Sea Details New MAX-E Coral Reef Systems

Well, we promised you a ‘scoop’ just after ReefFest and here it is! In an exclusive for Digital-Reefs, Red Sea have given us a pre-Interzoo look at the release of their new concept E-Series reef aquarium systems, featuring a rimless open top design with an all new RSM-LED lighting system which will also become a standard feature of their flag ship MAX S-Series. Continue reading Exclusive: Red Sea Details New MAX-E Coral Reef Systems

Fluorescent Red Display Is A First For Reef Fishes

In an exciting ‘first’, evolutionary biologists at the University of Tübingen, Germany have demonstrated that deep red fluorescent body coloration is not only exhibited by certain reef fishes, it can also be perceived and has behavioural significance.

Utilising red biofluorescence in the 650–700nm range, the new research shows suggests Continue reading Fluorescent Red Display Is A First For Reef Fishes

Review: Whitecorals.com

In light of their recent sponsorship of Digital-Reefs, and their arrival on UK bulletin boards, we thought it would be great to ‘test’ the service offered by Christian and the team at Whitecorals. The feedback we’ve already seen, plus their overall online presence, certainly makes this operation look very impressive but we must admit to being slightly apprehensive at the thought of shipping delicate livestock all the way from Stuttgart. Continue reading Review: Whitecorals.com

ReefFest 2014 – Summary

Held at The Aquarium at Cockfields Farm on the weekend of 17/19 May, this years’ ‘ReefFest’ gathering proved to be a busy event attracting hobbyists from various UK online communities and several major organisations involved in the marine aquatics trade. We attended on the first day and despite spending most of the time chatting to hobbyists and trade contacts we also managed to take some images and gather some intel. So first let’s report on what our trade friends brought to the show. Continue reading ReefFest 2014 – Summary

Galapagos Under Threat As Tanker Grounds

Ecuador has declared an environmental emergency in the Galapagos Islands after a freighter carrying pollutants ran aground last week. The vessel, which grounded off the Baquerizo Moreno port on the island of San Cristobal on Friday, was carrying 19,000 gallons of cargo that has already been removed. However, motor oil and cleaning products remain in the ship’s airtight holds, and have the potential to leak. Continue reading Galapagos Under Threat As Tanker Grounds

Not Long Now Until UK ReefFest

Outside of the Aqua trade show events which come up once every couple of years (and which are more ‘general’ aquatics tradeshows anyway), reef hobbyists in the UK don’t really have too many events to look forward to beyond local club gatherings. However, this looks set to change in 2014 with the ReefFest event which is scheduled to be held at The Aquarium at Cockfields Farm over the weekend of 17-18 May. As one of the top UK stores, Cockfields promises to not only be rammed with some fabulous livestock for the weekend, but also various manufacturers will be in attendance and there should be a chance to snap-up some good deals. Cockfields are even offering attendees the option of camping overnight at the site and of course there are plenty of other activities lined up to keep the whole family entertained. As ever, keep it here for our summary of the event which will as ever feature a raft of high quality imagery, plus we’ll be taking time to grill our various trade contacts to bring you all the latest news and gadgetry. Who knows, we might even find time to come away with some new stock for the test tank.

For more information check out their UltimateReef thread HERE.

Incoming! Rare Golden Anthias Destined For Interzoo 2014

Credit: Cairns Marine/News Limited
Credit: Cairns Marine/News Limited

We’ve just caught wind that Australian aquarium collectors Cairns Marine captured around 70 Pseudanthias aurulentus Golden Anthias at a depth of around 60m during an expedition last week at Holmes Reef (about 240km east of Cairns). Occurring only occasionally in the trade, these fish usually command a high price and are much sought after. A superb display fish given the right setting and care, this species can nevertheless be challenging to keep, often proving finicky and shy.

The company’s sales and logistics manager Julian Baggio said some would be sold in Japan, while others were destined for retailers across Australia.“We’re also taking some to a large aquarium trade show in Germany later next month,’’ he said.

Via Cairns Post

Video: Captive Acro Spawning Is Well Worth A Rewind

Breaking on reefbuilders and a couple other online outlets this morning we’ve just noticed news of a rather amazing achievement right here in the UK… and while we normally try to avoid stories that have already been publicised (in this case originally in late 2013), we thought this one definitely deserved another ‘bump’. In something of a double-whammy, researchers at the Horniman Museum not only managed to create huge, mature and healthy Acropora colonies by essentially sticking together many smaller ones, they also then went on to replicate natural reef conditions (right down to moonlight cycles), to induce two of these ‘supercolonies’, A. valida and A. prostrata specifically, to broadcast spawn! All we can say is have a look at the stunning video which also features some fantastic videography (and certainly deserves more likes!). We’ll be keeping a close eye on the groundbreaking efforts of the Horniman team in the future and hope not to miss any future developments first time around.