Review: Radion XR15w Pro and Reeflink Controller

Following on from our recent unboxing review, we’ve now had chance to install our XR15w over the test tank, hook it up to one of EcoTech’s ReefLink wireless controllers and have a good old play with the various settings and functions on offer. In this review we’ll detail exactly how we’ve integrated it onto the test tank, and evaluate the units capabilities in a real hobbyist setting. Continue reading Review: Radion XR15w Pro and Reeflink Controller

Glimmer of Hope For Staghorn Corals

In a surprise discovery more than 38 acres of critically endangered Acropora cervicornis Staghorn Coral has been found in patches on reefs along the South Florida coast. A stony coral, A. cervicornis typically grows in a branching form and is among the most important coral species for its ability to build reefs which in turn create a habitat for fish and other marine creatures, and provide a natural wave-break that protects the coast. Continue reading Glimmer of Hope For Staghorn Corals

Review: Maxspect XF150 Gyre Generator

Following on from our recent unboxing review in which we covered the basics of this unit, we’ve now had the XF150 running on our test tank for a few weeks so we thought we’d share out observations of this product in a full operational review. We’ve also been monitoring discussions on various forums with interest and we’ll aim to specifically discus some of the points raised with our own direct experience. Continue reading Review: Maxspect XF150 Gyre Generator

So Here It Is – Merry Christmas!

So the holidays are finally here and at last we’ve got a bit of time to spend tinkering with the test system. Hopefully the short break will allow us to get to all those jobs we’ve put on the back burner while we got on with the everyday grind! It’s also a good time to stop and reflect a little on how things are going, indeed in the words of Ferris Bueller, “Life moves pretty fast. If you don’t stop and look around once in a while, you could miss it”. Continue reading So Here It Is – Merry Christmas!

Clams – Beautiful and Talented

Giant clams (Hippopus and Tridacna species) are already known to play a part in various important ecological roles in coral reef ecosystems, but so far, many of these roles are poorly understood. Now, a team of marine ecologists from the National University of Singapore have show how clams have been doing a lot more than perhaps they have so far been given credit for. Continue reading Clams – Beautiful and Talented

Review: EcoTech RMS (Radion Mounting System)

Having already taken a look at EcoTechs gorgeous Radion XR15w Pro LED light in our recent unboxing review, we now turn our attention to their much-anticipated RMS (Radion Mounting System) which ties-in beautifully with the Radion Pro range and allows these lights to be elegantly suspended above even the most tricky of systems. Continue reading Review: EcoTech RMS (Radion Mounting System)

New Sponsor: Nyos Aquatics

As experts in ‘high level reefing’, Germany-based Nyos Aquatics have been on our target sponsors list for a fair while now, indeed we’ve been most impressed with their offerings when we’ve had a chance to see and handle them at various trade-shows. Tailored to fulfil the specific demands of marine aquarists, their products should appeal to hobbyists both beginner and advanced alike featuring a range of skimmers, pumps, test kits, fish and coral feed, trace elements, salts and other watercare products. Continue reading New Sponsor: Nyos Aquatics

‘You Are What You Eat’ So True For Filefish

For the first time scientists have discovered a fish that can chemically camouflage itself through its diet. The new research, published in the journal Proceeding of the Royal Society B, shows that the Orange-spotted Filefish Oxymonacanthus longirostris camouflages itself by not only looking, but also smelling like its food source. Continue reading ‘You Are What You Eat’ So True For Filefish

Gorgonians Keep Growing In Acid Oceans

Credit: Juan A. Sanchez – Universidad de los Andes, Bogota ColombiaA new study, undertaken by an international team of scientists, suggests that Caribbean gorgonians may be more resilient to the ocean acidification levels forecast by the end of the 21st century than previously thought. The team, which includes experts from the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science, tested the effects of elevated CO2 concentrations on the growth Continue reading Gorgonians Keep Growing In Acid Oceans

Video: Red Sea REEFER™ systems get video lowdown

Further to their recent announcement which we broke here on Digital-Reefs, Red Sea have just published a detailed video tour of their REEFER™ series on Youtube. You have to hand it to Red Sea, the presentation is very slick and gives plenty of useful information. The systems look great too and you can be sure we’ll be watching what hobbyists across the globe make of them in the coming months.