Review: TMC EASI-Dose 3 Programmable Dosing System

Although they’ve been used on reef systems for many years, peristaltic dosing pumps (or ‘peri’ pumps) have become a much more common sight in the last few years being integral to a number of relatively new supplementation regimes. Whereas once, a single peri pump with no particular control, slaving away in some far corner of a cabinet was the norm, modern units offer multiple pumps, digital control, slave options and a range of other features. One such unit is the EASI-Dose from TMC which we look at in this review. Continue reading Review: TMC EASI-Dose 3 Programmable Dosing System

Decisions, Decisions: New SAIA Tool Can Help Stock Your Nano Reef

Focusing on nano tanks, AquarioScenario is a new tool from the SAIA. Along the lines of their existing FishSelector, this interface offers the aquarium hobbyist guidance on selecting organisms for stocking a tank in an ethical and sustainable way, while avoiding impulse buying. AquarioScenario also incorporates the SAIAs ‘Lists of Unsuitable and UnsustainableSpecies’, and ensures the combinations of marine life suggested are suitable and compatible, considering not only size, but also behaviour and needs of the species. So, if you are feeling overwhelmed with the many decisions to make and options to choose from when planning your small reef, AquarioScenario can assist by suggesting possible combinations of marine life for each tank size range, while still ensuring an interesting display. Click HERE to take a look!

While we are on the subject, take note that the SAIA are currently reviewing and updating their Fish Lists for 2015 so if you have anything to contribute, from recommending species that should be added or removed, to alerting them to new captive breeding successes, visit the site and consider getting in touch.

New Sponsor: SimplyAquaria Ltd, UK

As UK trade distributors for a range of products from Kamoer, Nualgi, Jebao, Autoaqua, Elitech, Fl!ppercleaner and their own in-house developed DIY Tank Covers, we are very pleased to welcome SimplyAquaria as our latest sponsor! Distributing to retailers in the UK and Europe, their mission is to provide marine aquarium retailers with innovative products and superlative support. An expanding business, keep a look out for more exciting products coming online and take note that enquiries both from retailers and manufacturers looking for distribution partners are welcome! Click HERE to visit their website.

OATA Petition Needs Your Support!

Calling all UK hobbyists! OATA have recently launched a campaign to defend the UK ornamental trade and hobby from a host of overzealous campaign groups who are seeking to bring an end to the practice of keeping fish in captivity by introducing bans on the importation and sale of wild-caught and exotic species. Clearly the ramifications of such a ban would be huge – not just stopping us from enjoying the beauty of such life in our own homes, but also destroying a myriad of businesses across the country, and even beyond these shores. We strongly recommend you visit the site by clicking HERE and show your support as we have.

Patter of Tiny Tentacles Heard at Mote Aquarium, Florida

Baby Caribbean pygmy octopus born at Mote Marine Lab. Credit Mote Marine Lab
Baby Caribbean pygmy octopus born at Mote Marine Lab. Credit Mote Marine Lab

Having already hit the spotlight earlier this year, the Caribbean Pygmy Octopuses of the Mote Aquarium in Florida are in the limelight again – but this time they aren’t the babies, rather they’ve gone on to become proud parents. Previously shown in an image dubbed one of the “most amazing science and technology images of the year”, Continue reading Patter of Tiny Tentacles Heard at Mote Aquarium, Florida