Video: Timelapse Shows Set-up of NHM Exhibition Tank

Opening on 27 March 2015 at London’s Natural History Museum, their new exhibition ‘Coral Reefs: Secret Cities of the Sea’ will offer visitors the chance to encounter 200 strange and beautiful specimens from their collections including the gigantic Turbinaria coral, the venomous blue-ringed octopus and coral collected by Charles Darwin. Run in association with the Catlin Group (those behind the Catlin Seaview Survey), the exhibition will also feature a virtual reef dive, live corals and fish and spectacular underwater photography. Actually, check out this time-lapse of the coral tank installation in the Museum’s Jerwood Gallery.

Huge Marine Reserve To Protect Pitcairn Islands

Announced just yesterday, the establishment of a vast marine protected area (MPA) in the Pacific, home to more than 1,249 species of marine mammals, seabirds and fish, has been guaranteed in the latest UK government budget. Three times larger than the British Isles, the reserve covers 40-Mile Reef – the deepest and most well developed coral reef in the world. It’s also home to two species found nowhere else on Earth, the squirrelfish Sargocentron megalops and the many-spined butterflyfish Hemitaurichthys multispinosus. Continue reading Huge Marine Reserve To Protect Pitcairn Islands

Colour Changing Dottyback Is ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’

Dusky/Yellow DottybackPublished today in the journal Current Biology, a new study has shown that the Dusky Dottyback Pseudochromis fuscus can change colour  to imitate other reef fish species both allowing it to prey on their young, and to hide from predators by blending in to its habitat. The research reveals a surprising and sophisticated new example of ‘mimicry’. Continue reading Colour Changing Dottyback Is ‘Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing’

Review: TMC V²Pure Advanced RO System

Arguably one of the most critical components of any reef system, the humble RO Unit sometimes doesn’t get the attention it deserves. Sometimes a hobbyist may end up selecting a unit that ‘seems’ up to the task without really researching it. Once in place RO Units can also be ‘taken for granted’ and, as a result, actual performance under ‘typical’ home operating conditions (membrane efficiency, actual GPD, ease of assembly etc) is sometimes overlooked. In this review we’ll take a closer look at TMCs V²Pure RO system and see how it stacks-up against other units we’ve used. Continue reading Review: TMC V²Pure Advanced RO System

Digital-Reefs Update – The Difference is Black and White

As usual it’s pretty difficult to find time to produce general updates on our test system as more often than not, on top of our ‘proper job’ and family commitments, we are frequently busy collecting, unboxing and reviewing new kit, rooting out interesting stories for the blog, or producing material for ourselves or our clients. To be honest a lot of our blog work hinges on regularly chasing companies for the latest info and let’s say some are more responsive than others! Sometimes it can get a little frustrating but we certainly appreciate having the fantastic spread of sponsors that we do… you can tell these companies are the best in the business by their willingness to ‘show off’ their products at a hobbyist level rather than adopting a secretive, isolated approach. Continue reading Digital-Reefs Update – The Difference is Black and White

New Species: True Bursa Trigger

Heads-up, we’ve just added yet another new species to our livestock database! Our latest addition, Sufflamen bursa takes our Triggerfish gallery tally to a total of 18 profiles in that section. Inhabiting a variety of shallow, clear reef habitats, the True Bursa, Scythe or Boomerang Trigger is a voracious species that feeds on a variety of organisms including hard shelled crustaceans and molluscs. Growing to a maximum size of 25cm, this species will only tolerate tough tankmates and should be housed in a well-planned aquarium. It should not be confused with Rhinecanthus verrucosus which is also commonly known as the Bursa Trigger. For a larger image, species profile and access to numerous other Triggerfish profiles, click HERE (you must be subscribed and logged-in to access this gallery).

New sponsor: Marine Aquatics UK

Coming on-board as our latest sponsor, Walsall-based Marine Aquatics specialises in proving the highest quality Marine and Reef-keeping products and livestock at the best prices. With years of knowledge on the keeping, maintenance and shipping of marine and reef-related goods you can be sure that Marine Aquatics help you get the most from your Reef or Marine Aquarium. Whether you are an experienced Reef Keeper or a newly starting Marine keeper, Marine Aquatics has everything you need, all under one roof. Stocking both the latest in Marine Aquarium technology and the very best coral, fish and critters they are all you need to succeed in your chosen hobby.