Review: Sicce Whale External Canister Filter

sicce-whale-4Launched earlier this year, Sicce’s Whale RANGE external canister filter is something that we perhaps initially didn’t give the attention it deserves as, to be honest, we rarely see modern reef tanks equipped with such devices. On second thoughts though, given the fact that this technology does have applications that extend beyond the typical reef aquarium, we are happy to review this item on the invitation of Sicce. Continue reading Review: Sicce Whale External Canister Filter

Video: Scientists Unlock Sea Sapphires Secret Of Invisibility

Tiny ocean creatures known as sea sapphires perform a sort of magic trick as they swim: One second they appear in splendid iridescent shades of blue, purple or green, and the next they may turn invisible (at least the blue ones turn completely transparent). How do they get their bright colors and what enables them to “disappear?” New research at the Weizmann Institute has solved the mystery of these colorful, vanishing creatures, which are known scientifically as Sapphirinidae. The findings, which recently appeared in the Journal of the American Chemical Society, could inspire the development of new optical technologies.

Full article at ScienceDaily