World’s Reefs Facing Third Global Bleaching Event

It’s almost tempting to ‘bury ones head in the sand’ when it comes to the threats that coral reefs are facing. To those who appreciate their beauty and importance, the idea that we could face a future where coral reefs no longer enrich the planet’s oceans, and enthral us with their flamboyant diversity, is unthinkable. But that’s the stark reality being brought into sharp-focus right now, as reefs across the globe come under pressure from a strong El Niño event that is warming the world’s oceans and already causing widespread bleaching. Continue reading World’s Reefs Facing Third Global Bleaching Event

Balanced Diet Helps Hot Corals

In one of the first studies to assess the three-way interaction between the two types of nutrient enrichment and thermal stress on coral health, scientists at the University of Miami (UM) Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science and the Centre Scientifique de Monaco have concluded that a nutrient-rich, balanced diet is beneficial to corals during stressful thermal events. Continue reading Balanced Diet Helps Hot Corals