Hard-eyed Chitons Hide Surprising Complexity

A fairly common hitch-hiker mollusc in reef aquaria stocked with oceanic live rock, certain species of chiton dot their armor-plated backs with hundreds of tiny black eyes. New analyses of these eyes support previous evidence that they form rough images instead of just sensing overall lightness or darkness, says materials scientist Ling Li of Harvard University. Continue reading Hard-eyed Chitons Hide Surprising Complexity

Beauty of Reefs Is More Than Skin Deep

Credit: Jennifer E Smith

Mathematics, Biology, and Art History researchers from San Diego State University, the Getty Research Institute, and the Scripps Institution of Oceanography have worked together to create a tool to computationally measure the aesthetic appearance of coral reefs and the results demonstrate that objective visual cues generated from random photographic images can be used to reliably assess both the beauty and health of coral reefs around the world. Continue reading Beauty of Reefs Is More Than Skin Deep

Review: Koralia 3G

As specialists in the design and production of aquarium equipment since 1984, Hydor have already brought us some really useful reef aquarium kit. Their Koralia range of stream pumps is perhaps the first to spring to mind, and we were therefore most interested when they announced the launch of a ‘third generation’ range earlier this year. In this ‘hands on’ review we take a closer look at this updated model. Continue reading Review: Koralia 3G