Red Sea New Coral Pro 22kg/660 litre Value Pack!

Red Sea is delighted to offer a new 22kg refill bag for its popular 22kg/660 litre bucket of Coral Pro Salt, providing you with a significant saving while also continuing our efforts to reduce packaging waste.

Coral Pro Salt is widely recognised as the optimal salt for SPS and LPS coral growth. This is due to both its natural properties, which provide “the living reef in every harvested grain” and to the unique formulation which is based upon years of scientific research into the requirements of corals in aquaria.

Red Sea’s research clearly shows that the formulation of Coral Pro Salt, with its elevated yet balanced levels of the foundation elements (Calcium, Carbonates and Magnesium), enables corals to maximise their growth of strong, aragonite skeletons in an energy-efficient manner and with a reduced requirement for initial supplementation of the foundation elements. This provides a cost-saving for hobbyists while delivering great results.

The new 22kg Coral Pro bag is available from all good Red Sea dealers, with a Mrp of £53.99.