Red Sea Launches New, Customisable Aquarium Net Cover

Red Sea Net Cover on MAX-S_preview

Red Sea announced today the release of their brand new, customisable Aquarium Net Cover, designed to ease hobbyists’ fish jumping woes as well as to keep fish safe from household pets or other predators. 

With an extra strong aluminum frame, Red Sea’s aquarium cover sports a sleek, minimalist design yet is super sturdy and will not warp. Customisable components allow the screen to accommodate rim-mounted equipment such as lighting arms, auto-feeders and overflow boxes, creating a perfect fit for virtually any open-top aquarium.

The screen also features clear, thin netting which does not block out light. The frame and net can easily be cut and assembled to be placed on the rim of the tank or to be indented within the tank for a more discreet look.

The Red Sea Aquarium Net Covers’ are available in 5 sizes from 60cm (24”) up to 180cm (72”).

Key features of the all-new Red Sea Aquarium Net Cover:

  • Suitable for most open-top aquariums
  • Extra strong, customized aluminum profiles
  • 8mm (5/16″) thin strand, transparent netting
  • Inside-rim or on-rim mounting options
  • Spline roller
  • Includes components for one customized cut-out for filters
  • Optional components are available to accommodate other rim-mounted equipment

For more information on the Red Sea DIY Aquarium Net Cover, visit their website.

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