REVIEW: Osmotics Ultra-Pure 75gpd RO-Unit

Ask the vast majority of reefkeepers (or any advanced aquarist for that matter) and you’ll get the same answer – a good RO Unit is perhaps your most important tool in the quest for perfect parameters. Even if you’ve got good tapwater, chances are it still contains levels of contaminants and nutrients that will be enough to cause problems… particularly if introduced into a tank containing delicate livestock.

At just under £100, the Osmotics Ultra-Pure 4 stage 75 Gallon Per Day RO-Unit is not only inexpensive, it’s also clearly well-designed and built to provide you with a reliable source of pure water. Compared to its competitors, this unit also offered some nice extra touches.

Firstly, communication with this manufacturer was excellent and delivery was exceptionally fast. Packaging was also very impressive with the unit arriving safe and sound in a flashy-looking box. Unpacking the unit revealed it to be superbly built and attractive in appearance. The incorporation of the DI stage into its own cannister not only kept the physical height of the assembly down (useful for under the sink!) but also promised ease of resin replacement in the future. Putting the unit together was pretty straightforward thanks to a detailed instruction manual. The inclusion of a drain saddle valve (along with all the other key pieces such as tubing, piercing valve and wrenches) was something I’ve not had included with an RO as standard before, which was nice. The inclusion of DI resin in a resealable packet was also useful.

Compared to the old 50 gallon unit to be replaced, production was noticably improved, even without a booster pump.

Conclusion: for the price, a sturdy and attractive unit that does exactly what it’s designed to do, and from a company that clearly values its customers. Make sure you read the manual… and consider buying the connectors and taps required to ‘T-off’ between the RO and DI stage if you plan to use intermittently (this will extend your DI resin lifespan).

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