REVIEW: CoralCulture Mail Order

In light of some stunning stock on offer through this supplier recently, we decided it was time to add a few new bits to the Digital-Reefs tank. We were also keen to take advantage of a short term discount offer running at the time and as such snapped up a lovely solid blue Acro frag and a mini Scolymia for a very good price.

Communication from this supplier was excellent with a tracking number popping into our inbox the day after ordering. The day after this, the package was duly delivered and feverishly opened later that day. I have to say that the packaging was absolutely excellent, indeed I hope this quality comes across in the images. Basically, my two frags were safely double bagged together within a larger bag. Each bag was “clipped” using an Aqua-Clipper (a method that exporters and wholesalers use), and as such, the bag was topped off with pure Oxygen before sealing (this is the first time we have ever seen this expensive kit used by a retailer). Surrounded in bubble wrap and with a heat pack in the bottom, they were also encased on all sides with approx 1 inch thick styrofoam. All of this was within a sturdy cardboard box.

Once out of the box, the bag water was tested for temperature and using the same thermometer as used for the tank, we ascertained it had only dropped by a few degrees Farenheit – to 73f. As such, the bags were opened up and floated for about 20 minutes after which time they had equalised. The frags themselves were just as shown on the website, decent sizes for the price. Over the next 3 hours, small amounts of water were added to the bags to bring other parameters into line. During this process, a couple of coral barnacles in the acro frag could be seen raking the water with their feet, obviously unperturbed by the changes occuring. The frags were then carefully lifted out of the bags and placed on the substrate to acclimatise for a couple of weeks.

A month on and I’m happy to say that both pieces are as perfect as the day they arrived. The shipping process clearly hasn’t had any negative affects and I’m sure this is down to Coralcultures vast experience and expertise in this area… and also the quality of their stock. We highly recommend this supplier if you are in looking for top quality stock delivered to your door.

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