Outstanding Imports At Seahorse Aquariums, Ireland

As the largest aquatic specialist shop in Ireland, Seahorse Aquariums offers one of the most complete selections of fish and aquarium supplies in the industry. Their experienced team evidently takes extraordinary measures to ensure that all stock on offer receives the best possible care until arriving safely to your home, indeed they even have their own in-house Marine Biologist! Their Seahorse Hatchery was the first in Europe to commercially produce seahorses and take note, there’s overnight shipping on all stock from Freshwater fish, corals and drygoods all over Ireland including Northern Ireland.

Going by some of the pieces available through their recent direct Indonesian hard coral shipment (via Golden Marindo) this Dublin based operation are also an excellent source for more unusual and high value pieces. If you’ve never ordered from this supplier but are tempted by the stock on display, keep your eyes on the blog in the coming weeks as we’ll be receiving something rather special from this outlet, and letting you know how exactly how we get on.




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