REVIEW: NT Labs Ocean Food 55

When you consider how much it costs to buy marine fish these days, and the fact that many of them are wild-caught specimens, it makes sense to provide the best possible conditions for them in our aquaria.

One of the best ways to achive this, and to keep your fish happy and healthy, is to offer a wide variety of foods. This promotes resistance to disease, healthy growth and strong colouration. Actually, this advice holds true beyond simply offering frozen food on one occasion and dried the next. We also advise that you offer foods from a range of manufacturers to ensure maximum variety is provided.

In line with this approach, as an addition to our flake, vege and frozen feeds, we recently incorporated NT Labs Ocean Food 55 into our feeding regime.

This food proved to be really easy to integrate with most of our fish taking it greedily after just a couple of feeds. A useful addition/alternative to flake, this is a slow sinking granular food so it floats initially (or it can be made to sink immediately by a brief soak). As a result, it offers both surface feeders and mid-water swimmers a handy bite size snack. Also, unlike flake, this food hangs just below the water surface while in it’s floating phase, so we think there is less chance of surface feeders ingesting air with this product than with some flakes we’ve used. Also, although the product contains high quality protein, fatty acids DHA and EPA, natural carotenoid pigments, plus vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t leave a surface film unlike some products we’ve tried in the past. Finally, packaging was also good with the resealable pouch ensuring that the product will stay fresh, retaining it’s full nutritional value, for a long time. At an RRP of only £6.99 for 100g, this product is very competitive if you compare to other brands on the market.

So, overall we give this product a big thumbs up! It’s worth noting that you could also use this food with a dip tube to target feed certain LPS corals and other inverts. Check out the video below.


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