REVIEW: Seahorse Aquariums Ltd, Ireland

Following their recent stunning Indonesian import, we were very pleased to take delivery of some lovely pieces from our friends ‘across the water’ at Seahorse Aquariums, and to report back how we got on with this ‘exploratory’ shipment. Although they don’t ship to the UK normally at the date of writing, take note that new developments may mean this changes mid-2012. A website revamp is also in the offing which could see a Premium WYSIWYG selection coupled with a Fedex or DHL express service. We think this could prove to be a great option for UK reefers looking for unusual corals at very competitive prices.

Anyway, how did we get on with our shipment? Well, having selected a lovely and unusual Red Cycloceris and a colourful Favia from images provided by their importer (Indonesian based Golden Marindo), we only had short wait for the corals to arrive and be sent on. Throughout this process, we have to say that contact with this supplier was excellent and emails were answered very promptly, keeping us up-to-date. Our items arrived bang on schedule (thanks to Chris the driver!) and were packaged extremely well. As shown in the images, a sturdy poly-box containing a heat source and packing provided the first line of protection and insulation, and then corals were secondarily packed inside a nice insulated zipped bag (which we’ve since found very handy for transporting other bagged livestock). After unpacking we tested the bag water immediately and found it to have only dropped to around 72f which was excellent considering freezing weather at the time. Overall the service really was excellent.

Two weeks later we are please to report that both corals are still looking good so we feel confident that the they haven’t been adversely affected by their journey. We therefore have no hestiation in recommending this supplier. Take a look at their website and, as ever, keep your eyes on Digital-Reefs for the latest reef-related news, info and entertainment!

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