Red Sea Ozone Hits UK Market

Red Sea has launched its established range of AquaZone Plus combined ozone/redox controller units into the UK market.

Ozone has long been known for its significant beneficial properties in controlling harmful pathogens, removing discoloration from aquarium water and significantly improving water quality and protein skimmer performance.

However, the requirement within the aquarium varies daily depending on a number of factors, and using ozone without an appropriate method of control is not only less efficient but can be harmful to both aquarium inhabitants and reef-keepers, as excessive ozone is undesirable.

Red Sea offers 2 unique formats of its ‘AquaZone Plus’ units.

The regular AquaZone Plus is a combined ozoniser and programmable redox controller with LCD display and glass reaction chamber which eliminates the risk of corrosion through humidity.

The AquaZone Plus Deluxe features the same AquaZone Plus unit but with the addition of a high quality redox electrode.

Both formats include a rechargeable air-drier which should be considered an essential component of any ozonizer system.

Use of these high quality redox controller/ozonizer units is made simple and accurate with the programmable LCD display. Rather than setting an arbitrary level of ozone which neither maximizes efficiency nor provides safety, the user sets a redox level which ensures ozone is only does when required, and at the required level. Once the correct redox level has been achieved the AquaZone Plus stops adding ozone until it is once again required, at which time it automatically switches back to dosing.

When compared to the cost of separate air drier, ozonizer, redox controller and electrode, Red Sea’s AquaZone range provides superb value for money, as well as offering excellent performance and safety.

Available in 100mg and 200mg sizes, the AquaZone Plus and AquaZone Plus Deluxe are ideal for aquariums up to 3000 litres.

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