REVIEW: Taunton Aquarium Centre, UK – Mail Order

Continuing with our series of reviews which take an indepth look into the mail-order service offered by some of the UKs top livestock retailers, we turn our attention to an organisation which has recently come on board as a Digital-Reefs sponsor – Taunton Aquarium Centre.

Although renowned already, TAC really caught our attention with this amazing selection of Ultra Grade Tridacnid Clams recently. Suckers for a nice clam, we just couldn’t resist ordering one… but how would such a delicate organism fare given the long distance shipment in winter weather?

Well, after ordering we received our delivery the very next day. Packaging immediately impressed us, consisting of a large, sturdy cardboard box which contained a heavy duty, lidded-polystryreme container. Inside, we found heat pack that was still fairly warm. The clam itself was contained with plenty of water in a large bag, and this was rebagged several times for strength and insulation. Around the bag polystyrene chips ensured it stayed in position and added to the insulation provided. After opening the final bag we checked the shipping water temperature and noted this had not dropped below 70f which was fine. The Clam itself looked great – stunning actually – and was a good size for the price (we’ve seen some outlets selling tiny 1″ clams for more than we paid). All in all very impressive.

After taking our time to acclimatise this delicate organism, we are happy to say that around 5 weeks later it appears to be getting along very nicely in our test tank. Thanks to a great service from TAC, we hope to enjoy this fantastic specimen in our tank for many years to come and we therefore endorse their livestock mailorder service wholeheartedly. Click the banner below to visit their website, or check their thread on ultimatereef for the latest updates!


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