Review: Hydor Koralia Evolution 5200 Stream Pump

Hydor were kind enough to send us one of their Koralia Evolution range pumps recently and we wasted no time in incorporating this unit into our test system to see how it performed.

Coming in 3 different powers, we plumped for the most powerful unit in this range for the test which outputs around 5200 litres per hour and produces a wide and gentle) but powerful) flow pattern. The other two models in the range, the 2800 and 4000 output 2800 and 4000 litres respectively.

With the 5200 consuming just 5 watts of electricity, this is a very efficient pump and suited to tanks ranging up to around 300 litres. The unit incorporates Hydors ‘shaft-less impeller technology’ which enables up to 20% more water flow with up to 50% less power consumption. It’s proven to be quiet, easy to clean and, being an instant start pump, can be connected to a wavemaking device such as the Hydor WaveController (review due shortly). Dismantling the unit, and reassembly, is very simple and of course the item comes with instruction.

Attaching via magnet-suction cup, it’s also really easy to secure this unit into position and its ‘sphere joint’ connection allows adjustment over a limited range. The fitting mechanism also acts as a vibration-absorbing device  and as such, the pump runs very quietly. It’s a small pump too, so its not too obtrusive in the tank.

Costing far less than it’s competitors, and using less power in most instances, this pump really impressed us. If you are setting-up a new system, or looking to upgrade your existing set-up, these units certainly give you plenty of ‘bang for your buck’. Hydor are also offering a useful 2 year warranty on this product.

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