Cortez Marine Collecting Threatened Angels… Again

We’ve just noticed on Advanced Aquarist that Cortez Marine, the operation behind the illegal import and ultimate death of dozens of rare angelfish back in 2009, has been hard at work again… this time bringing in some 130 rare and threatened Clarion Angelfishes supposedly for Asian collectors. The Clarion Angel is currently listed as ‘vulnerable’ by the IUCN being endemic to an area estimated to be less than 50 square km, which is, according to regional experts, subject to disruption by the increased duration and frequency of ENSO events.

If you’ve been following the blog you may remember the man behind Cortez Marine, Steve Robinson, was convicted of illegal smuggling fairly recently. It seems that the lure of high profit margins is more than enough to make some people forgo ethical practices…

Digital-Reefs feels strongly that, until the long term sustainability of such species can be categorically and scientifically proven, collections should be strictly limited to those intended purely for recognised captive-breeding programmes, NOT to satisfy the desires of private rare fish collectors (or to promote this part of the industry).

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