Interzoo 2012: Hydor Unveils New Level Controller

Courtesy of Hydor we are just getting first images of their new ‘Smart Level Controller’ just launched at Interzoo.

The Smart Level is an automatic water level control system which comprises of a completely sealed sensing unit with no moving parts (so no more floats stuck and tank overflows!), plus 3 ‘fingers’ on the sensor acting as high, middle and low sensors. Utilising the smartwave package this looks like it will be easy to fix in any aquarium. The unit samples temperature through the sensors and turns on a pump (up to 50w) in your reservoir automatically.

With an alarm and shut-off system this unit also promises to be capable of running even with stream pumps or turbulent water and aims to be the class leading choice for any saltwater or discus keeper.

Available from July 2012 rrp £89.99

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