Exquisite Book Set Displays East Indies Reef Fishes

Representing the culmination of the prolific careers of two dedicated marine biologists, Dr. Gerald R. Allen and Dr. Mark V. Erdmann, Reef Fishes of the East Indies is an essential reference for biologists, naturalists, and scuba divers.

Stretching from the Andaman Sea to the Solomon Islands, the East Indies encompasses a vast array of marine habitats and unsurpassed marine biological diversity. It is home to approximately 2,600 species occurring on coral reefs and nearby habitats. Reef Fishes of the East Indies presents the first truly comprehensive treatment of the region’s reef fish fauna in nearly a century. This monumental three-volume set is richly illustrated with more than 3,600 color photographs and includes a host of newly discovered species.

We believe this should be available to UK customers around August this year. UK price isn’t published at the moment but the US price of $250 should give you an idea.

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