Video: Oceanlife Installation Gets Digital-Reefs Treatment

Taking a short break from our usual blogging duties, we recently brought our expertise in digital imagery to the service of our friends at Oceanlife Aquatics who are responsible for maintaining this stunning 380 UK gallon marine reef aquarium which they have designed and installed for a private individual.

Although the location and owner of this impressive system will have to remain confidential, it’s clear to see that this tank (and the property it resides in) are a cut above the norm. Featuring some of the best aquascaping we’ve seen in a long time, along with a myriad of desirable and sometimes rare fish species, this system clearly enhances it’s already opulent surroundings in many ways. Professionally built into a dividing wall, the tank is of course viewable from two sides and we have to say looks fantastic from all angles. Like its surroundings the tank also features the latest mod cons behind the scenes, such as LED lighting and a high degree of automation.

Take the time to view the video at full 1080p resolution and see how many different species you can spot. By the way, you can also view an interactive 360 degree VR scene here.

Oceanlife Aquatics clearly know what they are doing when it comes to high-end installations of this kind, and we certainly hope to showcase more of their impressive work in the near future. In the meantime, check out their new website, which features a number of other systems that they have designed and installed at

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