CoralCulture Roll Out Precision Water Testing… By Post

Digital-Reefs sponsor, CoralCulture (UK), has just announced it will be offering a new precision water testing service to the UK marine aquatic community.

In conjunction with Aquarium Connections (Surrey, UK) and Triton (Germany), CoralCulture can test water samples to a very high accuracy, and even offer advice based on the results, should it be required.

For a number of years the hobbyist has battled with inaccurate testing processes, whether this be equipment inaccuracy or human error. This new service takes away all the guess work. Triton is the only specialist dealer in the world with an in-house (HPLC) laboratory for water analysis. The facility will allow you to have your tank water tested and with continued support adjusted to match that of natural seawater. The service tests for the following parameters: Positive Negative Cation Anion Na (Sodium) K (Potassium) Ca (Calcium) MG (Magnesium) SR (Strontium) in excess levels F (Fluoride) CL (Chloride) BR (Bromide) No3 (Nitrate) Po4 (Phosphate) So4 (Sulphate). Think of this service as an X-ray of your aquarium water, for most of us this will be the first time you can see the exact parameters of your aquarium and with the experience of Triton’s chemists, you can now be guided to make the adjustments required to bring the a Typical problems observed with incorrect water parameters are: •

Corals expelling mucus • Slow/ Fast Tissue narcosis • Burnt Tips • Poor polyp extension • Lack of growth • General coral health • Build-up of hydrogen sulphide

Running levels as close to natural seawater as possible and in a stable manor will give us the best solution to caring for your tank inhabitants. Typical levels found in Natural seawater Cation (mg/L) Anion (mg/L) Na (Sodium) 9000 – 10,500 K (Potassium) 380 – 400 Ca (Calcium) 410 – 430 MG (Magnesium) 1300 – 1400 SR (Strontium) 7 -10 F (Fluoride) 1 – 1.5 CL (Chloride) 19,500 – 20,500 BR (Bromide) 60 – 65 So4 (Sulphate) 2,500 – 3,300.

The service is available to purchase via CoralCulture’s online store. Once the product is purchased, a small vial and questionnaire will be posted to the customers address with a return addressed envelope. The simple questionnaire enables the user to detail basic facts about the aquarium environment.

Once the questionnaire and sample is received from the customer, the water samples are then despatched to the Triton lab on a weekly basis. The turnaround time is usually around 10-14 days. The customer’s results are then emailed directly with an explanation of any issues.

So, if you’re looking for an accurate and reliable testing service, look no further. No more guessing, no more time wasted on home testing, no more money wasted on test kits. The service is now live and ready to accept your order via:

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