Unboxed: TMC V2 Bio React 500

One of a number of interesting new products launched by TMC recently, the V2 Bio React 500 offers aquarists (freshwater and marine alike), the opportunity to effectively fluidise a range of different media.

Standing apart from the rest of the field, this reactor features a specially designed ‘flow inductor’ which has been designed to maximise media/water contact time and promises to keep your chosen media in suspension effectively, under optimal fluidisation conditions.

Other useful design features include a threaded plug which should make the addition of new media a doddle. Put short, you shouldn’t have to extract and dismantle this unit too often. Overall, the design is relatively compact with the unit measuring in at around 40cm tall, with a footprint of 14cm. Offering a great deal of versatility, this unit can be used in or out of a sump, or even as a hang-on unit. Wherever you put it, we think it really looks the part.

Out of the box, the unit feels solid and good quality in the hand, being constructed out of nice thick acrylic. It’s also good to see that the inlet and outlet piping is moulded onto the lid so the risk of leakage is minimised. Packaging is excellent and instructions are clear. The unit is supplied with 500ml of Tropic Marin NP Bacto Pellets and a range of fittings for quick and simple installation. You’ll need a feed pump though… we suggest a unit in the 600ml range to achieve the optimal level of fluidisation, but of course this will depend on the media chosen to some extent.

Keep your eyes open for a more detailed review in the coming months when we add this unit to our test system and report back on how it works out in the field!

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