Review: Cockfields Expanded Marine Section

Following on from our recent visit and review, the last few months have seen feverish activity from the Cockfields team as their marine expansion got underway. Just a few weeks ago, with the new systems up and running and approaching full capacity, we paid another visit to see how things were going. We have to say that we were extremely impressed with the new developments.

As explained by Livestock Manager Duncan Lister, at the heart of the new system is a state-of-the-art 1500 litre LPS & Soft Coral System. On our visit this was already packed with a massive range of colourful, healthy, and often rare, LPS and a superb selection of soft corals of all kinds. The original soft coral system had been completely revamped, re-sited and turned into a 1200 litre frag system which now has the capacity to hold approximately 2000 LPS and soft coral frags. The system that originally held SPS, LPS and Frags has now been converted purely to house SPS colonies, mini-colonies and SPS frags (specifically 300+ SPS colonies, 150+ mini colonies and about 500 of Cockfields own SPS Frags!) In short the selection on display here is by far one of the best in the North, if not the entire UK, with a myriad of high colour and sometimes rare specimens on display for very reasonable prices. Take note that there are usually some excellent package deals to be had here too.

Illuminated by 15 AI Sols, conditions for anemones and clams are excellent in these holding systems so you can be sure that stock here is sold on in prime condition. Actually, on the subject of inverts, the store also has a dozen 60 litre tanks for lots of different critters and clean-up crew.

The coral system isn’t the only area that has been improved either. The fish system has also been massively expanded and is now up to a total of 90 tanks from 12. On our visit we noticed a really nice range of specimens, from large to small, common to rare. Particularly stunning fish on our visit included both Rhomboid and Lineatus Fairy Wrasses, a pair of Platinum Clownfish, and a spectacular Goldflake Angel. Fish health appeared to be excellent and we would have no hesitation buying stock from this system.

And if all that wasn’’t enough!… new ranges of aquariums and dry goods are now evident in the shop and again, prices compare very favourably with other outlets in the area. The stunning Red Sea Max 650 display system has seen a few changes since we last visited but still remains by far the best example of this system we’’ve seen.

Overall the thing that strikes us about Cockfields, and the thing we like most of all, is that there such a great feel to this store. Although obviously busy, staff are unfailingly helpful and down-to-earth. It’s also clear that they’’ve worked extremely hard to develop good relationships with some amazing suppliers and this can only be good news for those of us who are looking for after that something ‘a bit special’.

Click on the image above to view an interactive 360 degree movie, or click here to visit Cockfields website. The gallery below contains more images from our visit.



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